This blog is moderated by 2 admin by the name Leimun and Angie, 2 aspiring young female who have known one another since the first day of their college years. Lemon is a forth year Bio-Processing Engineering student while Angie graduated with a Degree (hons.) in International Business and just started working.

People often say birds of a feather flock together. The best way to describe them are bubbly, random and adventurous. Oh! they also love to try on new stuff as well =) . Never to afraid or shy to ask if there is something which they are unsure about.

They both have similar interest which is mainly in nail art, cosmetic and D.I.Y projects as well as anything pretty that's eye catching. Considering the fact the both of them are still a student and just started to work. Products used here consist of drugstore products to high end products which can be purchased easily anywhere around Malaysia. This page serves as a medium to help them share their creation and personal opinion and thoughts as well as hosting discussion that would allow female to exchange thoughts about just anything.

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Note from Leimun.

Hello, I'm Leimun.
Beside my current study in engineering school, I'm a nails lover too.
I love how the appearances and the statements made by our dressed nails that showing who we are.

My inspiration come from little things in my life, and of course, blogsphere.
I started this blog with my friend, Angeline.
This is a place where we share everything we adore, mostly on pretty things, comestic, and nail arts.

You may read some of my post by clicking here , here and here .

Note from Angie

Hi everyone ! Thank you so much for stopping by and definitely thank you also for taking the time to click to this page to read who are the blog authors are. Well no more dilly dally straight to my point.

Hi All ! I'm Angeline. One of the contributor to this blog. Just graduated on 27th September 2012. heheh.. and just started out my working career life.. Cheh wah career... So far if you were to ask me
"is working fun?"

well my reply would be

" girl if you're thinking of quitting school, I suggest that you don't. Stay put and just get through it. Studying is dull. Yes ! But working is a 100times even duller (if there is even such vocabulary) hahaha... that's because it's the same daily routine and imagine . That's the same routine which you will have to go through for the next 30 years of your life. The great side of working though is that you get paid and then buy whatever you wish to. But that's not important. For now the most important thing is to stay in school, enjoy your schooling days and stay far away from drugs. Thinking back now, school and Uni life is the best !!!!! You only get stress during assignments and exams. Other than that... Life's Good !"

and that's my 2 cents of worth of thought. hahaha

I'm a self proclaim beauty warrior, despite the fact that there are still a lot of stuff which I still have to learn and that I could hardly use my left hand to paint my right nails ...haha. Even my thesis is beauty related. In here I blog mostly on beauty related items, review on product where I'll share my thoughts and opinion on. You can  read some of the beauty post (by clicking, hahaha ) here here and here . Besides enjoying drowning myself with beauty products I also love travelling. 

Occasional one day short trips is extremely important to me as it acts as a souce of relaxation and rejuvenation. You can read about a short trip both admins of this blog went together recently here . During my free time I'll  be buzzing around the kitchen fetching whatever ingredient I can find to help me whip something out to eat.Believe it or not most of the time it turned out great.. and I'm proud to brag that there is a little chef in me alright hahaha... you can read on the only cooking post which I posted here . And so there you have it a short welcome note from me. I hope it help make you get to know myself better.

Once again Thank You so much for stopping by !


So say even after reading brief introduction from both the author/admin of this blog and you still find it difficult to identify either one of them. You can identify them by looking at the name at the end of the post . Leimun will blog under her name (Leimun) and Angie will blog under (Beautiful Things (Angie) )  .

Note: All that is being published in this blog is purely personal opinion. Product used are purchased by blogger themselves unless being informed otherwise.