Clarisonic Aria in Black

So after contemplating for quite a while, I finally decided and got around in to purchasing myself a set of Clarisonic Aria in Black.

There are a couple of the reason why I got it at Sephora. Mainly is because I can actually kill two birds with one stone. First is because it's convenient for me to get back to Sephora in case I need to claim for my warranty #touchwood  and secondly is because I get to earn loyalty points and then score myself 10% off on all items on my next purchase. Hahaha #cheapskate alert !

This unit which I purchased, it retails at RM 779. By now I assume that you would be curious I'm knowing what are my thoughts  hahaha. Is it really worth it? Does it really work? Well before I could answer those question let's look first into what comes with the box. 

Image 1: this is how the box looked like when I first bought it. Just a regular box. Pretty sturdy. But I was a little upset that the corner of the box looked a it old. Especially at the back, I mean I paid so much for this device I'm really hoping to get that premium feel. You get what I mean ? 
Image 2: When you open the front flap you will be presented with information that are deem important. But knowing me I just jump straight right in. I really couldn't bother reading. All I want to do was to get my hands on the device. Hahah so you see that tiny indent in the centre of the ride side of the bo? That's where you need to poke your finger through it and then lift the their side of the flap.
Image 3: this is what the whole unit looked like when you lift the flap which I mentioned before. 
Image 4: In every box it comes with a user manual (which I didn't bother taking a picture of it), the actual device itself, a magnetic charger cord, a power plug,  a device stand, a Clarisonic mild cleanser and also an extra brush head which is suitable for sensitive skin. 

I've been using this device for close to 2 months plus now and overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase (not saying it because I paid quite a hefty amount). The device is really simple and user friendly. Holding the device itself is very comfortable as it has a very good amount of weight to it which is amazing as I didn't feel like I paid so much to get some tightly sealed plastic with a rotating motor inside. Hahah

As I have very sensitive skin my main concern is that this device don't suit me, and if that happen it would only mean I'll have to give it to my sister (who has been happily accepting many many expensive cosmetics from me  because I'm allergic to it) as in Malaysia we do not practise return policy on items which has been inboxed and used. But the sensitive brush head attachment that comes with it didn't really give me much of a problem. The device comes with 2 different speed option, I had mine on the lowest setting with 20 seconds interval on each beep. I like that the device oscillate gently giving me a very clean and smooth feel after rinsing. My face did experience mild purging at the beginning, but that could probably I used it wrongly or that my face is really that bad, but other than that it's fine. Owh another great feature is that the device is also water proof, which means it is safe to be used while ur in the showers. 

Instructions says to use it once a week (if I'm not mistaken. Don't quote me) and when you are comfortable you can use up to twice a week. I personally uses the device like once a week sometimes once every two weeks, depending on the condition of my skin. Some reviewer said they use it twice a day.  I tried it, bad idea, as it turned my face into a legit Grease ball ! You can collect all my natural oil and use it to fry an egg. My over exfoliated skin produced a lot of oil till I had a hard time trying to keep my liquid foundation in place!! Again depending on your skin type you decide how often you should use it. 

Two important thing that you should take note is that, remember to apply your favourite moisturiser after using the device. Because if you don't your skin may be dry and then it will lead to premature wrinkles. Secondly is prior to using the device you are required to charge it up to 24 hours. This way it is said it can prolong your battery lifespan. Hahaha like I said I was so excited about the device I used it the immediately after I took it out of the box. Then when I realise that I had to charge it I panicked and immediately charged it for 24 hours. So far the device have been pretty nice to me, I haven't charge it since I first charged it. 

The power plug that comes with it has a USB outlet. I tried to plug in other devices. It won't work. It will only work with the Clarisonic. The magnetic USB cord however can be plugged into your laptop for charging. So haha if you have intentions to bring this baby with you when you're travelling on vacation or something you better make sure you charge it well. 

Clarisonic recently also released another new model which is much travel friendly but stumpy in shape. I tested that out. Don't quite like it. Probably it is because it's not that nice to hold. 

So back to your question of does it really work? Yes and no. Yes, if you use it correctly. No, if you used it incorrectly. i.e using it too many times causing your skin to be over-exfoliated. Then the question on whether it is worth the money or not... Well, it depends, depends on whether or not you have the budget for me personally I don't really always go for facials so with this device it had done a pretty good job in making sure my skin get the TLC it yearns. There are many other devices out there which may not cost as much and probably cost just a fraction, if you are comfortable and don't face any issue with it. Use it. I know Daiso sells similar looking brush head for RM 5.60 but the only downside it is not battery operated so you will need to use your hand to manually operate that tool. I have personally used the one sold at The Body Shop and aside from having a little redness I was perfectly okay. It is just to say, now that I have started working and then have a couple bucks extra I tried to be cocky and started experimenting on these devices. Heheh. 

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to preferences.

So again, this product was purchased by my own money. I'm not being sponsored to mention any of the product stated above. 

Till my next post ... Which I don't know when. Hahah
Take care