Errm ... 30 Facts About Me (Gone Wrong) !!!

So this weeks' post is a little different. Last week I had everything planned out really nicely according to what I have saved in my iPads note app. I am trying to do something different than the usual. So what happened was that I texted Leimun saying

 "hey, I'm giving you an assignment and is due to be submitted in 1 week time, you need to prepare a write up on '30 Facts About Me'"

With zero hesitation, she replied "okay !!! I'll email it over to you once I'm done". So a couple of days had gone by and I thought "why not just check up on her? ". The reply I received from her was rather unusual! She said "haha, I'm still doing it. I like this topic it brings back a lot of great memories, I think I'm going to exceed 30 Facts!!!"

An hour later I heard a ping on my phone, indicating a new email has arrived. Didn't really bother to look at the subject title, I just tap in to read when I spotted Leimun's name. It felt strange at the beginning, and as I read on I realise that Leimun mistakenly read my text. Hahahahah in her mind she was thought I was asking her to write a 30 Facts About Me! Instead of herself. Hahahahah, it was an honest mistake, however instead of wasting all her hard work and 'flashback of great memories' I have decided to turn it into a blogpost, I'd have to say that it is really interesting to read what others think about myself. Hahaha, a different perspective altogether.

Have fun reading what Leimun has to say about me !!!

1. She is so self obsessed that she chant Ngo Zhi Leng (I'm the prettiest) almost all the time and we had to agree with her by replying Lei Zhi Leng (you're the prettiest) - LOL
2. Aside from my sisters whom I have been sleeping with my whole life, she was my first roommate in Uni
3. Typical 'Still Water Run Deep' she was quiet at first when we met and then went wild just over the night after warming up with us (i still cant get over your BANANA SONG dance)
4. SHE SLEEP TALKS !!!!! Sometimes it can get so loud she will wake herself (not an issue for me because I deep sleep all the time, I sleep like a log)
5. Pet Lover (from dogs to gold fish and hamsters, she had it all, just gold fish kesian more la hahahha)
6. She has decent lady appearance but if you get to know her more you will realise that there is a man living inside her !
7. Big spender, especially before christmas - not on presents but for random consultation on illness to the specialist! (No joke on this,pretty consistent *touch wood*)
8. Love buying and wearing high heels and look good in heels
9. Has flat feet which explain on her ache feet after long walk in heels or even on slipper or ballet flats
10. Always willing to help give idea and advise if there are any problems which I face (like really any problems, from armpit hair removal to life goal)
11. Good at makeup and pretty much obsessed. Influenced her love for make up to me as well. (those "fat hao" days in UniMAP was certainly my greatest memory of all)
12. Invest a lot in her babies (make up items and brushes specifically)
13. She was the first person to dye my hair and first person to let me dye her hair. such an honor (mind you, she declares openly that her hair is her crown)
14. She gave me a copy of her "will" just in case if she have any 3 long 2 short (sudden emergency) - Note: I still have a copy of your passwords and words to your family lol
15. Have the tendency to say "if no reply calls or texts by certain time I will represent you to call "sam tiu 9" to rescue you!" (Calling the police)
16. Always surprise and amused people with her random funny thoughts - she asked me not to run away from home when I texted her that day saying I need a lift from her to go down south (i wont lei kah chut zhao okay, im 27 lol)
17. Very emphatic, always "representing others" to share their happiness and shitty moments
18. Noticed she have the tendency to release or share negative or upsetting incidents or thoughts during late night. Remember we particularly sit and share our thoughts all the time back at Uni at our hostel's garden and eating Ramli Burger, which has to be ayam special
19. She once read of a research saying that 'the best way to release tension or stress is to spit vulgarities! So whenever either of us feel stress we will meet up and have a free vulgarities sparing. Yes,we do cuss... a lot.
20. Good at study, just don't mention the numbers. - Angie: whoa, I think Leimun is way smarter lor
21. Love adventures and possesses that strong adventurous spirit (once walked 10km from Wang Ulu to Kangar - we had no idea how far or which road to use we just went with our hunch, also got lost at FRIM - that was my bad)
22. Self declare Dr. Loh, she reads up on certain medical book so much so she could self diagnose illness symptoms for herself as well as close friends and family - pretty accurate I'd say
23. Afraid to drive in her early 20s (i had minor heart attack in Langkawi when ShiYing passed the wheel to her - it was a manual car sum more), and now she is the driving instructor (gao che lou) to my sister and I
24. Anal about road safety and obey the laws - safe to place your life in her hands when she's the driver
25. Would rather choose a parking bay that is further away and would avoid at any course difficult parking spots which are near the entrance
26. Have the tendency to survey routes which are somewhat  new to her, especially if she is driving there ALONE
27. She love her car so much she name it Sylvia
28. Soon to be Director Loh - shhh cannot tell just yet
29. Very proud to say she lived independently ever since age 20
30. Intensively upgraded her patience through her past work experience - no joke okay
31. Grown mature in terms of mental thinking yet sampatness (crazy side) never leave her
32. Superb analytical skills (especially when dissecting an issue) on almost every issue i share with her
33. Constantly reminding others not to follow or walk down the path which she had walked and had bad experience on
34. Natural leader. She has that leadership in her, naturally gives other people orders or assignments and we are willing to follow her lead. (yes, i get a lot interesting assignments from her, much more than my coursework! i.e look what I'm doing right now)
35. She have good bunch of friends since secondary school and still bonding strong
36. Have very lovely family
37. Finally she is a Good friend of mine and i appreciate having her as my friend very much

So there you have it. 37 Facts About Me!? (Angie) hahaha written by Leimun. Interesting very interesting don't you think ?

Hahahahah see you in our next post !