7 Signs The Guy/Girl You're Dating is a Keeper !!!

I know I am a bit late but HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY !!! So how did you celebrate the special day with your loved ones ? I know for sure is that the moment I log into my FaceBook account I was bombarded with proposal pictures ! Travel selfie with their loved ones, statuses declaring their love and gratitude to the one they are spending the day with and so on...

Aside from all those post on FaceBook which was shared by my friends and family. I have also noticed lately that there has been this trend of sharing posts of the same blog title I have in this post. At the initial part, my curiosity coupled with the need of someone validating my thoughts lead me to clicking those links to read them.

The outcome? I got frustrated when someone I thought is THE ONE / THE FRIEND only manage to score 3 points out of the 7 points stated. Urgh that frustration that I need to endure after reading that post. Feeling upset , I moved on to the next post titled ' 7 Signs She/He Is No Longer Into You Anymore' , and at this point I scream OMG THAT LITTLE IMBECILE IS NO LONGER INTERESTED IN ME BUT HE HAS NO BALLS TO TELL ME HE WANTS TO CALL IT OFF !!! ALL 7 POINTS ARE SPOT ON !!!!

Like a crazy chain reaction, one thing leads to another. First you will start being suspicious, then doubts will creep in, and when he says he is busy you will go berserk thinking he is cheating on you, followed by unnecessary arguments and then finally some may come to a point of going separate paths because each is equally convinced what they read online is accurate.

So before being a 'keyboard warrior', I sat down and asked myself "after all the all the experiences I have been through, do I know the true meaning of love?" So I looked at the people who are around me at the coffee shop and then I look at the people who loved and care for me. And I realise that LOVE is probably not as complicated as we all think of it to be.

If you are looking for a post which will list out all these signs for you. SORRY !!! It was a trap! I made you click on the link on purpose because what I really wanted to share today is purely are LOVE and my personal opinion on it.

Here is my take (in no particular order) on what I think LOVE is:

1. Love is: Appreciating simple things in life
Like eating KFC!!! I have said this many times in my previous post and I'm saying it again, if you want to see pure joy and love go to KFC!!! (Especially in the first week of every month).  Is something I do pretty often back then when I was studying. I would go there and sit for hours observing people, how a simple chicken meal can put a smile on their face. If that is not enough to convince you that love is really simple, read on. Someone told me yesterday that he knew of this person who is really rich and pretty famous as well, constantly choose to eat KFC instead of dining in nice expensive restaurant. Sometimes, the most valuable gift in life are things that are not expensive and things that money cannot buy.

2. Love is: Unconditional
Which means loving someone including their flaws that comes with it i.e his habit of laughing out loud, snoring, accepting their body shape just as they are and not hurling ugly words at others and so on. Now don't get me wrong, by flaws I didn't mean that you have to accept him as he is if he has anger or abusive characteristic by nature. If he has traits of such I expect that you will be way smarter by leaving him/her. Remember if the person loves you he will respect you.

3. Love is: Understanding
This is easier said than done. Even I myself is struggling with this. I don't know about you but I'm pretty much a control freak myself. I control pretty much everything, so much so at times it come to a point where the other person may feel really chocked up being around me. Through experience I learn that practicing empathy and putting yourself in the other person shoe can really help in improving the relationship/friendship.

4. Love is: Bringing out the best in one another
Aside from being a companion or a partner to the other person. Being in a relationship /friendship also means that bringing out the best in them. You never know how a simple  boost of compliment can bring the other person a long way. Encouraging one another is is also important. Even the most positive person can use a little encouragement.

5. Love is: Giving one another enough space to breathe
I couldn't stress enough on this point. I am no professional advisor but I one thing I know best is that despite being in a relationship/friendship it is always important to give one another adequate space to spread out their wings and have some Me Time. If you are in a relationship it is important that you allow your partner to go out and have some fun with their home boys or home girls. Unless and until you find something fishy between your partner with their home boys or home girls, never stop them from going out. These are the people that directly or indirectly shaped your partner to become what he /she is now. There is no wrong to having a social life. The more you try to control them the more it will backfire.

Some may click on on this post out of curiosity , while others they probably just needed someone to help them validate that the person they are with is The One.

At the end of the day, it is pretty much like a check and balance thing. Be it in a relationship or a friendship. Everyone has to learn to love and be loved so things can really work out. It takes two hands to clap anyway. (Don't tell me you can clap with one hand by smacking your own chest, that's pure stupidity)

Now, here is just a little disclaimer. I'm not saying I'm perfect and know how to love better than others. In fact I'm so capable of holding on to things that are not necessary important that at the end of the day the person that hurt most is myself. I'm still learning the art of Love and being Loved and the art of forgiving others. If you have a thought you would like to share you may post it in the comment below.

See you in my next post