Cute and Easy Nails Designs

Hi everyone, it took so long for the nails post to be up.

I would like to share two cute and fastest nail art design that you definitely can do it yourself without messing it up. 

The first design is featured by Susuwatari (dust bunnies/ soot spirits) from Studio Ghibli. Here you will need to have a few tools: black & white acrylic paint/ nail polishes, detail brush, dotting tool, and water to dilute the acrylic paint. 

First, apply your favorite base color on the nail and outline susuwatari in round shape. Once you are happy on the distribution of susuwatari, fill up the color. The round shape does not need to be perfect as we are going to add tiny fur around them in the next step. Then use white acrylic paint and a medium size dotting tool, dot on the eyes, and small size dotting tool for the pupils. Finish the design with a layer of top coat. 

The second design is a heart and a cutie bear. For this design, we will need red acrylic paint/ nail polish, a detailed brush, water, bear sticker and glitter of your choice. 

First, apply your preferred base color on the nail and outline a heart shape in middle section of nail with detailed brush and red acrylic paint. Then fill up the heart and add some glitter at the center of the heart while the painting is still wet. Put the sticker at the corner of the heart shape and outline the heart with gold glitter. Finish the design with a layer of top coat. 

Hope you will enjoy this simple tutorial and please let us know if you try this.