First Try On Korean Eyelash Extension

Like every ladies out there, i am always fancy for long bashing lashes. Well, what stopping me to try out on few years back was due to rumors about natural eyelash fall off from doing the eyelash extension and eye irritation from the products.

Now the technologies had advanced, so does the eyelash extension industries, i decided to give it a try by considering so many successful examples i saw from my friends and also the customer testimonials. 

So i went for eyelash extension beauty salon at Boulevard Midvalley on last Wednesday. I was greet by the friendly eyelash technician (not sure what's to call them..) and start consultation on my eye shape, natural eyelash, daily facial routine and the type of eyelash extension i want to get. 

I don't want to go for Oh-so-obvious-she-just-get-her-eyelash-done look, and opt for super natural type. I am quite proud for my own eyelash, however i do want to have some curl on them as they are grow straight downward no matter what i tried to make them curl. So i getting myself a 60 pieces of J curl mink lashes, 9mm and 10mm long, 0.10mm thick. That's the most natural combination of eyelash, according to the eyelash technician. 

They sent my into a room and prep for the application. The process was smooth, comfortable and quick. I didn't feel any burning or heavy feel. Below is my before and after photo. 

As you can see, there is not much different between before and after, just on the latter one u can see there is slightly fuller, longer and no more gaps in between lashes. 

I am happy with the result because this is exactly what i request for. 

The maintenance and after cares are simple, just avoid oil based products on eye area and must not rub the eyes. After i did it, i realized this is not as intimating as the articles i read on google and does not requires lots of maintenance. I feel it is rather convenient because once wake up i can immediately look better (i mean since i already gt my lashes there, i just need to pop on my eyebrow and lip balm only). 

If you ask if i will go back for second time.. yes, i will. I love it. 

Until then,