We Are Back

After a long long long break. We finally came around and deciding to blog again. We don't know yet if there are anyone whose still following us. But both Leimun and myself decided that we would continue blogging as part of our interest. 

Of course we sure do hope that you will also continue to support us by reading our blog. Life have been challenging. I promise to fill you in on what you missed out in my life real soon I just need you to give me some time.

If that is not convincing enough. Well, allow me to show you my commitment by showing you this picture 

   Haha yeap. You see it correctly. A screenshot of my applications. And yes I downloaded the blogger app. This isn't the best blogging friendly app. But it serves the purpose. You get what I mean. 

And if that is not enough to convince you. Let me tell you that I'm currently blogging through my phone. That means so long I have Internet access you will be able to know what I'm up to. I sometimes just feel I owe some silent reader or followers an explanation on why we or rather I went off Radar for a very long time. Will talk to Leimun to see if she is interested to blog about it or not. 

I Mosaic out a couple of the applications for privacy purposes. But definitely do drop me a mail or a note in the comment section if you are interested to know. Haha. I sure do hope that the picture is clear enough because from my view right now. It seem a bit pixelated. 

Do follow us on Facebook and if you would like to follow me on Instagram. My user id is @lohsuxin I cannot remember what is Leimun's user id I'll get back to you once confirmed. Heheh

Till our next post. Take care and bye