Hmmm... I Wonder

It's almost a year since I last blogged
That was back in February?
Many things happened since then. 
I woke up this morning thinking about Blogging
and I wondered if there are still people out there who really reads this blog
came online to check, 
to my surprise... there still are !
Which I assumed 80% Googled for keyword and found us
10% is just back here to check if there are any updates
and then another 10% were just looking up for our contact details =) 
I was also thinking if there is a need to explain to the 10% readers why both admin has been gone for so long
literally AWOL !
But shortly I figured, I should not tell unless it has been requested. 
For me, the issue has been pretty personal
One thing I can assure you is that , 
my love and passion towards make up is still going strong. 
Leimun is doing amazing with her nail art classes .. Love her long life. <3<3<3
I have yet to talk to admin Leimun on how we should handle the blog, 
but I personally have plans to diversify it a little
because there is only to a certain extend one can blog about beauty ! hahaha
If you get what I mean.. 
This blog is after all has already exist
so why waste?
Maybe it is not so much about our personal life
maybe it can be about the little adventure? I don't know
ZERO idea...
Until we decide whats next... 
Here is something for you ...
My hair ! 
It went from this length to  

to this length ! 
hahaha, I told everyone I was having quarter life crisis. 
and that's my happy face after my  Massage session at Amante
If you followed my blog long enough you will know I have always been a fan of shoulder length hair
because I think it suit me best. 

Finally, I wanna show you 
this gorgeous lip color is by M.A.C in Diva
hahaha , the MUA was a guy and he was so sweet patiently helping me pick out
a suitable color.
I have another one to share with you. 
But maybe it will be in my next post or something. 
Saya Rasa Saya Sangat Cantik !

Till we decide what's next...
Take care 

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  1. harlos, long time no see, not sure u still remmeber me or not~ take care yeah~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)