Liebster Award , nominated by Laura

The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany
 (Liebsteradj. favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others) and is given to bloggers by bloggers. 
*copied from Laura's blog*

The Rules 
- You must link back the person who nominated you.
- You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
- You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award.
- You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
- You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

LauraLeia's Questions

1. Who or what inspired you to start your blog?

A: I actually started blogging at a very young age. I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend of mine named Samuel .. He inspired me to share my thoughts online. Stopped blogging for a while and then I continues back, except this time, I knew what I wanted to blog about. and Leimun came up with a great idea of moderating Beautiful Things by L&A together. So yes Leimun Inspired me as well... Thanks Leimun =)
L: Angeline for sure inspire me to start blogging to share our love on our hobbies. 

2. What's your favourite 2013 memory?

A: My favourite memory... Gees... this is difficult... I guess it would be me starting to drive again. Especially the time I drove my colleagues Kugaa's car.. OMG, I just cannot stop shouting ! hahaha...

3. What's your craziest hair colour, or what colour would you like for your hair? ;)

A: The one thing that I regret the most is not having the guts to dye my hair red or purple when I had the chance. Now that I have started working, I was being told that only our marketers can dye their hair with bold weird colour because they are given the immunity.... =( So whole year round I only manage to dye my hair dark brown and black only.

4. Currently listening to...

A: I am currently listening to 988 fm hahaha...
L: Oddies playing in my head.

5. You're stranded on a deserted island. Name 3 outfits OR beauty products you'd bring. HAHAHA

A: Okay, so if I am stranded on a deserted island... I wouldn't mind at all about outfits, I'll make do with whatever natural resources I can get in hand and create a couture for myself. haha... Coconut husk, banana leafs you name... So I'll go for the 3 beauty products I would or rather wish I will have in hand are

i) Sunblock / Sunscreen - I don't want to score myself skin cancer
ii) Red Lipstick - Because it's super versatile
iii) Mascara !!! - I want beautiful batting lashes and at the same time I can double it up as eye shadow or eye liner

L: Just some seashells and a fish tail dress will do. I wanna be mermaid! 

6. What's your dream travel destination? 

A: My dream travel destination is to visit Santorini !

L: To a place i called home.

7. Favourite nail colour?

A: I don't very often use nail polishes .. but I think recently I have been very into brown tones.. The ones which are not too dark and not too light... hahaha
L: None, i love every colours hahhaha

8. Favourite blog(s)?

A: Okay I have to admit, the 2 most visited beauty blogs are
i) Laura's blog, I sometimes but stuff after reading her review !! - Click Here to Visit
ii) Fatin's blog, Always something new and luxurious to read about ! - Click Here to Visit 
L: Nailasaurus, and From head to toe.

9. Tell me ONE resolution for 2014.

A: Is to reward myself with at least 1 good holiday trip !
L: Graduate from school

10. Food you DON'T like?

A:  'Don't LIKE' seem like a very strong word. I think I'd be more comfortable saying 'Don't FANCY' ... haha... the food that I don't fancy would be Chinese Herbal soup.. as in the real bitter one.
L: Ask my friends, they will know.. 

11. Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee , Tea or Me !!! hahaha... I personally would prefer coffee, but because caffeine could trigger my migraine.. So nowadays I'll prefer tea over coffee.  
L: Tea for sure. I do love the aroma of coffee but too bad my body just can't handle it.

So for this tag Leimun and I will split the question building among ourselves. I'll be posting 5 question while Leimun will be posting 6 questions (heheh... TQ Leimun).

Angeline's Questions

1. Whats your favourite makeup brand?
2. What will you spend on if you only have RM25 in your purse
3. Cat or Dog?
4. Describe your ideal getaway vacation
5. What do you enjoy doing most during your free time.

Leimun's Questions

1. What are you wearing today?
2. What will do you if u bump into dream guy?
3. What is the other side of you?
4. When is your last time prank someone?
5. How often u pamper yourself?6. Where do you find your daily inspiration?

That's all from Beautiful Things, thanks Laura for tagging us and We hope you all enjoying reading this post! 

Lotsa love from Beautiful Things by L&A