A Little Update on Myself (Very Self Obsessed)

In just a wink of an eye 
we are already in year 2014
I just celebrated my Birthday exactly a week ago. 
and today , sitting right in front of my desktop and I am already a year older ... FML...
Man I aged within days after my birthday...
Anyway ,
as cliche as this may sound...
New Year ... New Hope ... New Beginning
I am very determine to create many many memorable memories this year
I'm really amazed and proud of myself on how I got this far
Few main reason is because...

1. I Love myself a lot. Love myself more than anyone can love me , after GOD

2.I am born naturally an introvert? but God decided to put highly extroverted people 
(who accepts introverts) to add colours into my life. and then there's this blog created to allow me to share whatever in here. 

3. I am not a smart arse student... Very average always have been only scores a subject if I love that subject or the teacher teaching me. Never tasted straight A's before. and yet I manage to graduate University 

4. I'm a really short tempered person. I am so convinced before that someone in school would just kill me and I'll be dead before I turn 20 !

In case some of you readers think life was smooth sailing for me
 because I know how to make myself look good. 
well , you better think again...
All the experiences I have been through all these years 
make me morphed into what I am today ! 
and seriously no joke on this. 
Like many others I battled with insecurities myself. hence, the lack of confidence
Images below are from my secondary school years.

I swear I was born with a built looking like man.
I waited almost my whole life.. and still am waiting for my boobs to arrive !
and even now , Leimun can be my witness... 
We always joked about how we (rather I) felt like a man 
and also how the way we speak and act are more manlier than real males. 
you, can only see that side of me after you know me long enough. 
Uni years has been one of the best part of my life. 
you can always hear me talking about it. 
It is at Uni where I really became 'beautiful' hahaha
it's at uni where I met many great people and experienced experiences which I have never experience before. 
I had such an amazing time there, I have zero time for homesick ! 
Yes, assignments, test and exams might be sucky but thats just one small period of time. Majority of it I was having fun meeting people, travelling, doing crazy late night stuffs ! that includes doing prohibited stuff

That's why if you follow me on social sites you'll see how I really put great emphasis to young people that they should always stay in school at least until form 5. and if you can, stay in school till you  earn your self a degree

From the first image, you can really see how much I slowly grow and improve myself to be better
be it in terms of my looks, my dressing style, my hair style or even the way I think. 
owh and for the image below, I have no idea why the colours looked like that.. It happens magically after I upload it. 
heheh ... over exposure to pure awesomeness !
Image below is from my Uni years!

Coming to the point that now
I am really grateful to GOD and only GOD alone 
for guiding me without fail throughout my journey
he was there when I was happy and was also faithfully there when I was at my weakest moment. 
I thank him for blessing me with a job at a Multi National Company that allows me to visit new places ( though I don't fancy my boss at times haha) 
I thank him for all the people that came and go into my life... 
I want to thank him for inventing cosmetics , thats how I became pretty heheh
I simply just want to thank him for everything ! 

Life is never perfect... I don't know about you... haha
but mine can be pretty shitty ...
and pretty negative to..
But on the happier side... 
I occasionally like to sit there doing nothing and start counting my blessings
some younger readers might be curious to know
on whether or not is there anything I regret doing. 
Answer is... Yes, But i'll just keep those to myself and not share it out in public. 
all I can say is 
to appreciate what you have 
to enjoy every second of your life...
and to know that you are much more precious that what you think you are. 
Always remember to have confidence, 
the smile reflect the level of confidence you have
(you can see the smile transition from my pictures)

Good night everyone...
See you in my next post !


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    1. Lol.. leimun.... you forget ady ah. You took the picture for me at pantai pasir hitam. Lol... I love the t-shirt I was wearing... "super model here" hahaha..

    2. hahahhahahhaha Ah those good times. Ngor yiu go beach.