Hi Guys !!!!
It's been a while since I last updated this blog. 
Been a little busy lately
With Christmas...
So just for a little update.
That's a recent picture of me 
Yup right below here...

I'm super excited to share with you guys that I have recently won a
Beauty Box from MMAO 's Share and Win Giveaway. 
My friend who is also a fellow Blogger from  Little Dine
Actually Tagged me in it. 
Bare in mind that I am never lucky in the cyber world haha... 
So in my mind I was like...
"mmm okay , no harm in sharing" 
and the next thing I knew was that 
I AM ONE OF THE 5 lucky winners !
So being one of the 5 lucky winners we were given these coupon code 
where we can actually redeem one of their monthly basis boxes or ! I can top up a couple more bucks to get one of their Christmas Series Boxes. 
Yes I went on ahead getting myself their Christmas Series Boxes.
They promised to send me the parcel by 16th ! and GUESS WHAT !
The parcel did came to my doorstep on the 16 December 2013 
They were so sensitive towards the safety of the items 
The MODBOX team actually carefully stuff the box with nice decorative paper and wrapped it again with bubble wrap !
Awesome Service...
This is how it looked like when you unwrapped everything !

When you opened up the box, 
You're presented with a little appreciation note !
from the MODBOX CREW !

When you flip it over to the other side of the note, 
you'll see a whole list of the products sent to you, and it's original price. 
of which I'm really happy that all items sent to me are in full size!

I only paid RM60 for all these
Really a great bargain. 
All of the items sent to me are from Jelly Pong Pong
It's a brand of which I have heard so much about but never really get to try it myself. 
so Thank You MMAO X MODBOX for giving me such a good excuse to get myself some 
Jelly Pong Pong great selling items :) 
I'm going to break down the items one by one so you can really have a good look at it 
You may click image to enlarge it.

The first item which I opened was the 
Lip Coushion Lip Balm 
it's in full sized
retailing at RM48/pcs

It comes in a plastic packaging,
which does not at any point look cheap 
When I open it, 
the first thing that hit my nose was sweet smelling Jelly smell
and seriously, 
even from the image you can tell that the texture was soft. 
see the dent I made, yeah ... I know hardly even a dent looking because it was so soft. 
Smelled like it's almost edible ! 

Second Item is the Single & Lovin' It Eyeshadow
It's packaging loked pretty similar like Benefit ones 
Looks a bit like a book ,  the're is 2 magnat which they conceal it nnicely to help keep the lids together
I got it in full size 
and is retailing at RM49 !
At this point 
I totally had already earned back what I spent !

This is a pretty vanilla frost finish eye shadow, 
You may use it as a highlighter or just plain swiping it round your lids 
to give it a wash of colour and also you may use it in your inner eye corner to help your eyes appear bigger !
The texture is soft and easy application

The third item which i got was the Supermodel Lip & Cheek Stain
This product has been raved heavily in the blog sphere by blogger
So I was excited when I knew I'm gonna get one of these. 
It is retailing at at RM80/pcs
and I got even more excited when I opened it , 
it's actually in bright Cherry red !
If you follow me on my Blog you will know how much I love using red on my lips !
so double THUMBS UP ! to the MODBOX CREW for picking this item your CHRISTMAS Series Box !

This is how it looked like when you open it up
it comes in a very cute and sturdy packaging, 
Best of all , 
is that it comes conveniently with a mirror !

The forth item in my Christmas Series Box 
is the Jelly Pong Pong 
Twin Tips eyeliner
 which is actually a double-ended eyeliner 
which retails for RM 49/pcs

 Look how pretty the colour is. !
Because I am naturally born mono-lid
Using eye liner has always been a great challenge to me. 
Especially the pencils ones
so for this product, 
it glides on the back of my hand pretty smoothly but just to avoid tugging on my eye lids
I gently warmed the stick with my hair dryer 
and guess what, it glides on my lid without tugging it. Love this product ! 

I got a Nude & Improved Base & Concealer !
haha, when I see the word Improved I always wondered to my self what happened to the previous one. lol
This item it retails for RM83/pcs

So just like what the name of this product says, 
it is actually a 2 in 1 product, 
you can actually use it as a Concealer or as an Eyeshadow base. 
It's in salmon colour
How smart is that !
I was so worried that the colour I get would not match with my skin tone or probably it's like too difficult or dry to blend it. 
Normally, I would heat the stick up at the back of my hand or using a hair dryer...
But this time I don't know why, one touch on the product and I find it pretty confident that i can just use it from the stick itself. 
And WOW ! 
It blended in perfectly !

I was worried that this fat little Concealer & Base stick would not fit into any of my cosmetic sharpener
you know just because different brands have different diameter for their products.
and guess what !
The MODBOX CREW actually surprised me with 
Jelly Pong Pong special sharpener. 
Phew, Now that actually eases all my worries hahah

With only these items you see in the little box !
You are absolutely ready to attend any occasion event all year round. 
So to prove it to you guys
I have actually use all the products which was in the box and came up with this look!
No Foundation ! No Blotting Powder No nothing.
Everything came straight out of the box
So come to think of it. 
The items in this box can be Doubled up as an Emergency Makeup Kit !
(MODBOX CREW, please come up with another one of these kit in the future pleaseeee) 

And, after that,
I figured 
What would happen if I have total access to all my make up items?
and the result was stunning !
I just added some mineralized foundation, added some brown eyeliner and mascara
used my CD Dior lip glow
and Voila !
I'm ready to go...
Yes, I did went out with this look...
Best of all, It did not felt like I had tonne of make up on. 
Amazing !

So once again, I would like to thank MMAO for hosting this amazing Share and Win Giveaway
and I would like to thank MODBOX for being so amazing for coming up with this great Christmas Edition Beauty Box ! 
It feels good that I am only paying a small amount and getting goodies worth RM309 !
So do check out MODBOX , you can actually customize items based on ur liking
(click Here to visit MODBOX)
Not to forget also MMAO , Thank you so much =) 
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Until my next post, 
Take care everyone...



  1. Wow, congrats on being one of the winners! :D That's a really awesome box of goodies, hehe~ ^^
    I've tried Jelly Pong Pong before, and the scent is really strong, lol. I don't really mind it but i'd prefer if the scent was a bit more subtle. XD

    1. Thank you Laura !, Of all the products I think only the Lip Cushion Lip Balm has the strongest scent. I am very particular about scent as well, especially ones which has that medicinal scent to it... But surprisingly this one has that sweet jelly scent. like the Jelly we eat when we were younger. haha..

    2. Dear Angie + Leimun,

      Your blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award in my recent blog post! :D Come on over to see my questions for you, and of course, to accept the 'award' and carry it forward, hehe ^^

  2. congrats on ur winning dear!! but the box is like only have JPP not so interesting!

    1. Thank you Cindy ! yup this box in particular has all JPP products. Modbox did came together a few different version of it. I suppose it is up to individual preference. I am okay with which this box of JPP =) haha...

      Owh, and looking good there dear.. Nice DP.. love the lips.

  3. Glad you like it ^_^

    President of MMAO.

  4. Congratulation on your winning Angel ;)