Loving my Neutrogena and Daiso Falsies =)

 Hey guys !
I hope you have had a very great week !
Today I am super excited to share a product to you
well the reason is because I am beginning to trust this product really much.
I was a little sceptical at first but then I have since then been using it for 2 week and I grew to love it more everyday.
So just a little recap on how this product ended up in my hand.
Unfortunately 2 weeks back or so my skin condition deteriorate really badly.
I don’t know what caused it to become as such but then
 my skin was super dry, it was itching really badly and I have break-outs.
I mean wow….
I have tried my best and did everything everyone had advice me to do. Water, facial cream,  fruits, detoxing you name it
So last week I went out with Leimun and Ah Yee for shopping.
All 3 of us agreed to meet up at one point and then to the mall together.
Feeling very self conscious, I text them before hand in the group Whatsapp warning them to not laugh at my skin condition, as I will be very upset.
The moment Leimun saw me , she said “ yeah your skin is a little too dry” , (damn it right lol. )
Then later on while I was queuing up in a shop Ah Yee said “ WOW, seriously the condition is alarming”
To me it was like “ THAT’S IT !”
Immediately I called Leimun to accompany me to Watsons to buy some Hydrating cream.
We went to Watsons and I was totally clueless,
Aside from wanting the product to be good, I was hoping also that the price would be affordable as well.
Leimun tried her best to help accommodate all my requirement and then we ended up with Neutrogena

(my face with only Etude House Raspberry Cupcake Mousse tint on my cheek)

Now I have used Neutrogena, and it’s only the cleanser and nothing more. So I know pretty well that my face will not be sensitive towards this brand. 
So a bottle of this Hydro Gel actually cost RM59.90 *feeling the heartache already*
I wasn’t sure any more if I need it or not
And then, a miracle happened,
 Leimun who also loves bargain manage to 
spot the one and only promotional box,
RM59.90 – Buy 1 Hydro Gel and Free 1 Hydro Face cleanser.
Without any hesitation I immediately purchased it. 
I was so eager to try it out that I immediately ripped off the packaging after purchasing 
Picture taking did not at any point came through my mind.
let me tell you, the moment the Hydro Boost Water Gel hit my face, 
I can instantly feel my skin feeling less tight. 
Just a tad bit and it goes a long way... 
So I went home and continued using both the cleanser and the Hydro Boost Water Gel 
and within a couple of days I can see tremendous improvement on my face skin. 

The facial cleanser came in a bottle with a pump at the top, 
I literally only need one and a half pump of foam to thoroughly cleanse my face

It feels so good after cleansing my face
My skin felt smooth
well hydrated and don't have that tight feeling. 
I am so in love with it that I even bring it with me for my short working trip 
Yes , I did check in my mini cabin luggage just because I wan't allowed to bring liquid item with me on my flight to my working destination. 
Here I share with you some really impressive pictures
No editing done. Only thing I did was that I added a watermark in it. 
**picture taken using my Samsung S4**

I know I have that * aku nampak hantu* face but It's okay.. 

Owh and I have one more nice thing to share with you ladies, 
Daiso falsies only cost RM5 and they are amazing... comfortable as well
Totally worth it.. 
Do get yourself a pair and try it for yourself =) 

Until my next update.. 
Take care



  1. you are too cute.
    I came to your blog searching for a foot mask review. and are you a korean?
    Coz im in the korea love phase. and anything and everything related to korea just excites me :)


    1. Hi girl, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post I highly appreciate it.

      Pertaining to your query no I am not a Korean but I do love Korean and Japanese products. I am a Chinese by race ... :) residing and based in Malaysia working for a Singaporean -Japanese company.

      I am glad you find my post useful and I hope I can bring more new good idea to you guys :)