Liebster Award !

First of all, 
Thank you So much Appy from
for nominating us with this Liebster award. 
It is really an honor to receive such nomination. 
Not so much about the award but to the fact that our efforts 
are being recognized. 
So how this nomination works is that 
After I have been nominated 
I will have to nominate / tag other bloggers 
and answer a set of question set by the blogger who nominates you. 
In my case, 
I actually would like to nominate all who is reading this post and actually has a blog
I do not wish to specifically tag a person because I felt all of us 
deserve this award. 
Because I know to blog is not easy, 
it takes time and effort. 
and we bloggers really did dedicate sleep time and put in many effort into churning
 out a good quality post 
which we are happy and can benefit others. 
I am also going to use back the same set of questions which Appy set... 
reason is because, I really find it very suitable.. 
Oh and after you finished answering everything, make sure you add that badge into your blog as well. at the side bar..  haha

So here goes

1. Who / What inspired you to start blogging?

A ~ I actually started blogging at a very young age. I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend of mine named Samuel .. He inspired me to share my thoughts online. Stopped blogging for a while and then I continues back, except this time, I knew what I wanted to blog about. and Leimun came up with a great idea of moderating Beautiful Things by L&A together. So yes Leimun Inspired me as well... Thanks Leimun =)

L > The initial purpose of blogging is to share my love to nail arts. Then this platform become more interesting by collaborate with Angie. We covered topics from nail art, make up, skincare, product reviews, hauls and some random updates. This is so much fun working on this blog with someone who share the same vision, teehehe.. 

2. How much hour per week you spend on blogging?

A ~ I don't know how many hours a week I spend on blogging because 
1. I don't keep track on it. 
2. I now blog part time, meaning whenever I have the time I will do it. 
But on overall basis for each blog post it will take up at least 2 hours - 2.5 hours. The longest was 3.5 hours because of all the picture editing and picture takings

L > Well, I shall say I blog whenever there is inspiration for nail designs or just fat hao mood on. Hahaa

3. Are you a spender or a saver?

A ~Hahaha, Well I used to be a spender.. Like great big spender, ask leimun she can tell you all about it. But then things took a turn after I started working in the corporate world (last year)... my main "water source" got cut off, I have student loans, phone bills and rental bills to pay off...phew....
Money is hard to come by...I think now, I am more of a saver, I buy only when I needed. and I started learning how to plan my budget and stuff.... hahaha SPONSOR ME STUFF TO BLOG ABOUT ... *shy*

L > Definitely a spender on my hobby but super kiam saver on other stuffs, like hair cut. LOL I trim my own fridge *yeah... I'm that cheapskate =P* 

4. What is your first post about?

A ~ I am not gonna show you my first ever blog post from my personal blog, thats because the english was so broken... OMG... haha i'm embarrassed. but I can share with you the first ever blog post I posted here on this blog... Click on the link and you will fly right over...

L > Nail post, of course. You may found out here. Reviewing back the very first post I did until most recent one, I'm getting better, yet still more to learn and more to improve. 

5. What tops your current wishlist?

A ~My current wish list... haha, I have so many in my beauty/ fashion list... but the one thing that I really wanted is this designer handbag, I wish I could afford. 

L > 2D drawing class!

6. Fashion or Beauty?

A ~ Beauty !

L > Both! Arts on nails represent your personalities and fashion senses; 
      Nicely manicured hands are very important to show off the art on the nails. 

7. Shiny Summer or Romantic Rains?

A ~Shiny Summer ! reason is because I love to feel the warmth enveloping my body.

L > What is this???? 

8. One beauty / beauty tips you preach but forget to follow?

A ~ wow, this question is like slapping myself in the face ! alright the one thing I preached about but don't follow is exercising... I am still trying very hard to get myself discipline and exercise at least twice a week

L > Upstair, have some discipline oiiii~!
      Mine will be pamper my skin. I skip all the skincare steps expect cleansing and apply lotion (that also sometime I will skip too and straight dump myself onto bed)

9. Do you enjoy shopping alone or with a company?

A ~It depends actually... I prefer a little bit of both.. Depending on my mood, really... 

L > Both, whenever I feel like want to shop. Anytime, Anywhere. Who is with me, that's doesn't matter. 

10. Bright lipstick or Bright Eye Shadow?

A ~ Bright lipstick ! 

L > Nail polishhhhhhhh

11. Blog(s) you always follow?

A ~ I blog hop a lot. so I don't really have a specific one which I religiously follow. 

L > Same as Angie =)

and that is the end of my tag question
once again we (Leimun & Angie)
would like to thank Arpita 
for nominating us. 
Thank you so much.
Oh, I am also working on a new blog post. 
so do look forward to it kay . 


Angie xx


  1. wow congrats on this! haha, i too have hard time disciplining myself to exercise

    hope we can follow each other
    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway too!

  2. Love u answers..hugs to dear Leimun n Angie <3

    1. Thank you girl. =) hugs and kisses right back at ya... =)