Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nails ❤ October French Nails Project #3

Good Afternoon my dear honey bunnies!
Yeay today is public holiday so I'm in the super happy mood.

Here I present to you this Oct French Nails Project #3, modeling by Adeline ❤

Oh Oh! Btw, I must introduce babies for these colours.
Super cute right?
I got them from Thailand 7e at 390 bath each.
Totally 平靓正!

Sherbet French X Lace, yay or nay?
If you like to join this project, leave us a msg in the comment box or pm us in our FB page.



  1. I love love love this one! Please show me how you did those pretty lace designs~ :3
    And the nail polish kawaii max ok omg

    1. Hey laura, Thanks so much!

      I used acrylic paint to draw the lace, i'll show you on later post! Hehee
      i know rightttttt, hahahha this series named cathy doll, never heard before but they are fricking cuteeee!

  2. you have beautiful nails and super cute creativity :)
    Keep up the good work girl


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