Hello ... We Are Back ...

 Owh Hi !!!
It has been a loooong time since I've blog... 
Well just to update you,
So much had happened over the past month 
My days were mostly work work and work
the times when you don't see me working..
I'm mostly in my room 
I am either busy on Facebook, reading, studying, reseaching or I'll be on Instagram.
Well I don't Instagram often but 
I do stalk people on Instagram. hahahaha
I just love to see all their creativity...
So inspiring  
Well aside to all those which I have stated above
I also manage to find some time like earlier this week to make a couple of purchases. 
Met up with my friends had dinner and then went around for a little walk
Well be warned...
There are quite a lot of pictures in this blog post.  =)

So I went to Muse the other day with Leimun
Had no intention to make any purchases but then somehow
I don't know how it happened .
It just happened..
I end up making purchases... 

I bought an eye shadow from Mary Quant
The quality of the product?
Not bad actually
the only downside is that 
the casing comes separately
I was being a cheapskate , refuses to buy when the sales person tried to convince me to get one. 
I checked on the price... felt it's quality
Totally not worth it.... 
I am okay using it out of this plastic thingy

Then I got this Lioele Pop Cherry Tint
Forgive me for my ignorance
The first time I saw it 
I thought it was Nail Enamel
Until Leimun was like 
" No, you idiot... it's the lip tint that Frmheadtotoe always raved about" 
and I was like.... OWH YEAH.... 
I am actually quite impress with this product, you know
The concept is similar to the one Benefit has...

Only difference is that the Lioele is only for lips ( But I used it for cheeks as well ) 
while the Benefit one is for both lip and cheek.
Scent wise, the two brands has that rose scent
But the Lioele one is stronger .

Application wise... The Lioele , with just one swipe and I'll have that perfect red tint which I like
where else the Benefit , Benetint the colour is buildable, so in order for me to achieve the colour which I want I will have to go over it a couple of times

As for staying power, I personally felt that the Lioele stays longer compared to Benetint by Benefit, where I have to reapply it throughout the day pretty regularly.
Definitely worth giving it a try

And So just that 2 product add up my total came up to RM93.90
That sales person who tried to convince me to buy the Mary Quant eyeshadow casing; 
Did not gave up...
This time he convinced me to get another item , 
I'm only RM7.10 away to get my RM 10 Gift Voucher
For some weird reason, I game for it.
Damn... I'm cheap... hahaha

So I end up buying this nail buffer hahaha... which cost me RM8.90 for 8 piece

Just to get 

Alright ... NEXT 
I received a package from my Uni Ex-Housemate

Excitedly I ripped it open 
Only to be greeted by this box of Bak Foong Pill
so I was like WTH is this woman thinking? 
and why are these Bak Foong Pill so light?

and when I opened it further I realize she bought me Lavender and Chamomile Flower tea
She sent it specially to me to drink because she knew I was busy with work and was having a couple of Insomnia nights ; don't ask me why I cannot answer.. it just happens occasionally
and the worst part is when you didn't get good rest and had to work the next day
so this tea is to calm you down and destress you 

 I have drank Flower tea before at Tea Houses or Restaurants which serves them
Now that I have this whole pack to my self
Believe it or not as idiotic as I may sound. 
I have no idea how much ratio to put in
So from Suzanne's instruction of which she got from the shop owner
she said to put in half tea spoon into the cup and slowly sip it. 
As ignorant as I may sound I assumed that the flower would naturally sink to the bottom of my mug when I add in the hot water...
It unfortunately did not. 
It went on floating at the top...
Worst part?
was when I smartly drank it at office with my cow mug
my bosses saw it and I was being a fooled... gulp all that flower down. 
It was after that I started imagining that the flower will be like not manage to digest then land on my poo in my body while on its way out hahahahaha and then grow flowers in my body
I thought it was funny, 
so I went and told my brother that.
What happened next? 
i got this very cynical laugh followed by
"OMG hahahahaha, You *tut* didn't you study bio? our tummy has hydro-colic acid whatever that goes in  will have no chance to come out looking like its physical form" 
...Great ! 
Well now my brother thinks I'm an idiot.. 
Nope didn't study Bio no idea what is hydrocolic acid.. (he probably was shitting me haha ) but I know damn well plant wont grow in my tummy.. If it does I would have had a rambutan tree growing out of my mouth ... 
 or looked like the giant in the Movie Jack & the Beanstalk
So because of that, I went to Daiso to purchase tea pack
convenient and cheap  

Well my purchases did not stop just right there... I even bought this very cute ear picking stick. 
made out of wood and has a cute Hello Kitty and little bell attached to it. 
I didn't thought of purchasing it. 
I lost my ear pick (yes I do use ear pick ) 
and so I thought Daiso would have sold a cheaper version of it
searched around that area and then we stumble upon this.... 

Despite the fact I took Japanese for 2 years, 
I have zero idea what was writted on the package. 
Trust me , 
I was greatly convinced that that little package was a chopstick to tie hair. 
It took great effort got HP to convince me it's for ear pick.
Telling me countless time that that was what written on the package in Chinese Kanji.
To proof him wrong, I went ahead opening up the package. 
Well I was wrong. haha

Owh and I also bought a pack of bells for my dog Denna. haha RM5 for 18 pieces

Then I went to Victoria's Secret and purchased their body mist...
I have heard so much about it but never really bothered going all the way to buy...
So the other day I so happen to be at The Curve with HP, and decided that I want to try on it.
3 bottles for RM129.

They all smelled really nice ... just 2 spritz and you're good to go... 
and Finally a picture of myself. 
Just coz I was bored .. 

Owh and I have been really liking these Honey Drops from Melalucca 
Geez, I hope I get the speling right
 and and .... these asam boi maltose candy as well..