An Interesting Week

 Yellow, As promised ... a blog post. hahaha.....Last week I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to go outstation for a short work trip. I stayed in a very nice roomwith good food , good company and of courseWork. Something we can never run away from hahaso all in all I was away from town for almost a week. 

I was at one of the Hotel Function Room. and this was the view from that level. Modern design 

Owh, and it's OKU friendly too... How sensitive

This was the view from just outside the Hotel. Their Coffee House has tables outdoor.In the morning guests like to sit outside and enjoy the morning breeze

At the end of my work trip.  HP was supposed to send me up to Leimun's graduation. But due to some unforeseen reason I had to ask Leimun mom for a lift up North. ...Her mom decided to visit some places around the area and I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along. haha...I cannot remember the name of this place. But it was either they dug a hole through a small hill or it was a cave itself on its own. haha... point is we have to walk through it 

To come to this little peaceful land. a small garden where people jog and have yoga session. 

By the time I reached Perlis and decided to settle down. I found out that the room I paid for was creepyand it was too late to change rooms.....I got even more afraid when Leimun told me the waters were yellowish in colour. hahahaInitially I got slightly upset because of very run down interior and the fact that the room they placed me in has a connecting door and the main door itself is not open using KeyCard... it was the original conventional Key lock. with a very huge obvious peephole. =(not at all up to the amount of money I so generously paid for one night.. what a downer


Anyway, to cut long story short I decided to stay with Leimun, Thank goodness she has an extra bed. Manage to catch up with her a little. 

Next morning, I did Leimun Make-upand off she went to her Convocation Ceremony


I received a text from our friend Seong Yee who was very kind enough to inform me approximately what time to reach the hall ... By the time I was at the hall. I was almost about near 12pm. The weather was so hot. and the Guard stop me from going near the area just coz i wore Skirt. Tried explaining to him. He insist saying cannot. and in a very rude manner asked me who are my friends, what course are they patience has its limits .. hahaha I decided to answer back. 

After replying to his questions I said, " not like you know them also " ignored him and walk. He shouted at me. and I said " LOOK Encik, I am only going to the FOYER and not into the HALL. 

It's really hot out here and please do you mind " Seong Yee friends was with me at that time and said " ignore him lets go" First time getting stopped by security guards because I wore a knee length skirt. hahah...Here is a picture I took with Leimun

Owh, And I have also decided that I want to be super healthy.Well basically I gained weightSo to take small baby steps,I went to get myself a pair of sports shoes. If you know me well enough You will know I dont wear nor buy sports shoes. hahahaI choose Bata brand, Because the price is reasonableand also just in case I decided to not go jog anymore hahaha

These pictures were taken like 2 weeks back. here is a picture of me Before jogging.

Seriously ... the moment I put on my sports shoes I refused to leave the car. I wore a tee, long pants ( cargo pants to be exact) and that sports shoes. Suddenly reminded me of my school days where I was a prefect HP told me I should have simply worn a pair of shorts so I won't look as noob as I looked at that momenthahaha... fml

and just after 30 minutes..... ( Huge accomplishment) 

I have decided it is enough...tell you the truth... I almost passed out... I was so out of breathI was so tiredand all I want was just water and sit down and rest.My leg hurts, my tummy hurts, my precious lungs hurt and my heart was beating really quickly.

I kept shouting saying I was about to get a cardiac arrest.HP, who runs marathon... kept encouraging me to push myself till one point he suddenly remembered It has been years since I last the time I was ready to stop he insist that I walk on... and not sit now immediately as it was bad for health and some stuff i cannot remember.

Here is a picture of me after a short jog...

To proof to leimun, that I did went for a jog, I sent her an Image of my face... unedited with all that sweat and dirt. hahaha...

I went home, and my house mates was shocked to see I only jogged less than an hour. hahaha...Believe it or not, after my dinner, I slept from 9 pm till 6am.... soundly....=) 

...I have purchased some products and would like to make a review on it in a few days time. until then, you take care. =) 

Pictures,were all taken using my Samsung S4 . 

Angie xx