Nails ❤ Something I had in my dream

I had a pretty weird dream yesterday. However I just remember some pieces and bits of it.
Galaxy cardboard for nail tips, alien invasion, creepy big house, and lastly crazy dinner party with group of alien with monster appearances. *__*

So I thinking to do a galaxy nail art for this dream. I don't want to do the aliens because they look really unpleasant in my dream with those foods fighting and stuffs in their mouth.. X__X It's look prettier and easier with galaxy look. hahaha

I went youtube and found this tutorial from 3Dnailart. She so good at making complicated nail art with simple way and share out on youtube.

I followed her steps in that tutorial and ta-daaa~

Today model, meet Ms Bunny  ^_~ ❤

I always have weird dreams, aliens and dinasours are common guests in other space for me. I have this love and hate feeling to them. >__<

Hmm~ Do you guys have these kind of dreams as well? O_o



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    1. Hey Laura I didn't know that you are fans of galaxy.
      You should try this super easy just follow the tutorial. It's so fun! =D

  2. wow, owesome! I just wandering how do u apply another hand since we hard to control left hand to work?? XD I am beginner in applying nail polish...

    1. Hey peggy, try to steady your hand on by putting on table.
      This is sponging method so not really need to look perfect.
      Practice make perfect, have fun!

      I like to check out your blog, do you have one? =)

  3. whoa your nails look so awesome!!! like the ones some FB pages randomly post up :D

    1. Owh, Thank you Choulyin!
      That's big compliment for me

  4. omg i love the manicure♥

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    1. Thank you. You have a lovely blog

  6. omg i love it so much~!!!!! :D