Nails ❤ Cross 十

Recently my nail posts mainly are feminine styles, this time I wanted to try different thing.
Yea, it is a black & metallic cross.
I'm supposed to do laces design this week, but nehh I suddenly changed my mind to do this design.
Look easy to do but this thumb really tested my eyes power X_X  Anyhow, the outcome is good. I did a double framed cross on thumb. Can you tell?
My eyes are so tired after doing the thumb. So I did the other 4 as simple as possible while keeping the entire look together.
I just noticed they look great on short nails. Teehehee
I personally prefer this kind of nails.
What do you think? Would you wear this kind of nails?



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! What materials did you use to make the designs? :)
    I like dark polish with short nails too, looks better than on long nails IMO haha :D