Nails ❤ Pink lady

Yup, that's what my friend said when she saw this. Hahaa
I'm sorry. I really no talent in writing post title. =P
Any idea??

Yesterday I did a super lady nails, again.. I copied from Pinterest.

And this is my version.

I used Etude House  SPK001 for this very lady-like pinkish base colour. Due to its jelly texture I had to patiently apply 5 to 6 thin coats to get this color. Still a little sheer.. well, I get the colour I want =D
A shimmer polish to outline the half moon & decor the thumb and ring fingers as shown in the picture.

Hmm~ time to stock up my accessories.



  1. You're so talented! I don't know how to draw so pretty one :(

  2. So pretty! I love how you always add those bling nail art stuff to make it look so pretty and elegant. :D

  3. How much the Etude house gellish nail colour?