Nails ❤ *Leopard print* Sexy Glamour VS Sweet Cutie

First day of August, let's start with leopard prints between sexy glamour and sweet cutie.
Again, I apologize for the title, my peanut brain couldn't think better name >_<"

I working/learning nail arts at Cherish Nail Life during weekends. Last week I learned some colouring techniques and leopard prints. I'd like to share the leopard prints nails I learned. Hehee

I did two versions, sexy glamour and sweet cutie styles. Let's start with my cup of tea 1st.
I ❤ this one! Very typical leopard print nails design. Shimmer champagne (Aprotie in 12 Chesnut) as base colour, copper (IN2IT in 14 Vice) as spots and black (Elianto in 40 Twilight Zone) for the spots borders. I mixed 2Cs and 3Cs for the spots borders.

Next one is sweet and cute, more to ah girl style.
I tried to create soft leopard spots look by using pale purple-ish pink (Sasatinnie Mini in SPN124 Rose) as base colour and a darker shade (Elianto in S08) for the 3Cs leopard spots borders. I coloured 3/4 of my nails and used gold polish to outline it. So... obviously my attempt to create a shorter nail plate failed =P
Look at the pictures then you will know what I talking about.. >_<

Tell me which style you like! 


Oh oh! Pardon me for do ads for shop. Hehee I'm working there whattt.
Don't be fool by my nail works; Cherish is a very skilled and awesome nail artist.
You girls gotta check out Cherish's FB page and her nail salon at The Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur.
Call in to 017-628 8731 (cherish) for appointments!

Love you all ❤ 


  1. I'm a it biased because I'm a pink lover, but honestly I love them both!!

    1. Everyone has their own preferences. U can see me super biased towards the 1st type hahaha. I'm glad you love them! Thanks Marisa :)

  2. i like the first toy pic~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  3. all of them are so sexy! but the most i like is the first one! hehehe,, so creative la u munmun! >_< try create some anime version can arr?? hehehe,, :P

    1. Hehehe ok. I'll try. Tag you along when I done hehehe ❤