Nails ❤ Faking healthy nails

A quick update about a nail polish I recently had in my collection.
Thanks Angeline be my personal shopper & pick this up for me! =)
I'm not really girly kind of girl, but do check this cute pink nail lacquer, this can give your nails a fake healthy pinkish look.
Haha.. yes, fake. My nails are turning to pale and yellowish due to too frequent apply and remove nail polishes. Even though with base coat on, the damages are still there. =(

Etude House SPK001
Texture kinda jelly, with very pretty light pink that will give your nails a fake healthy look.
With just one light coat evenly covered the whole nail plate, giving a pinkish healthy look nails.
Besides the healthy hint of pink, this also add a very beautiful shine~
Pretty huh?
Well, that's all for today sharing~

Bye ^_~ ❤ 



  1. I have this too, hehe! And yes, it's great for faking healthy nails lololol.

  2. wow :D beautiful pastel color
    I'm from indonesia
    kindly visit my blog.

  3. It looks nice!

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