HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack

Yellow guys , after a very emofied blog post , i thought it's pretty unfair to make the blog look less cherrie . Hahaha especially when Leimun had instructed to not put any personal blog post in here..but coz shes away ... I did what I like heheh...

So anyway , supposedly this month is my buddy's month to blog the Beauty Ambassador Surprise Pack out . But i assume she must be even more busier than I am .. Well in case you don't know she just finished up her FYP Viva and and will be sitting for a final year paper. Soooooooooon. Bussy bee ...

So I volunteered to help her blog it out just to keep the blog alive :)

This month HiShop is being very generous . Mabel and her team sent us 3 items to try out on .
The first item is their essential oil in tea tree by Heaven On Earth . The scent of the tea tree is very strong, i can smell it without opening the bottle . I tried to take a look at the bottle under the lights hahaha its very sort of like a thick liquid .

Now the scent of the tea tree oil is pretty strong , as i have mentioned. The moment when i open the box my room air was filled with the scent. But for some reason after a couple of minutes i find the scent of the tea tree pretty pleasent. Awesome huh . Lets wait for Leimun to try it out and tell us what she thinks about it :)
The second item is a perfume by Hunca, She is Pretty
And this ! This little bad boy right here is something most blogger either rave about or just want it for themselves the cute little Supermodel Stain by Jelly Pong Pong . Heheh

I opened it up and was presented with this cute pink metalic little box . No, i didnt open it further ... So if you really wanna know do stick around reading more of it from Leimun review
Finally are the super awesome vuchers where we can share it with our readers as well :) heheh.

Say if you are interested in any of the items you seen above . Please feel free to visit their site at this link br />

Remember ladies :) stay fabulous :)

Angie xx


  1. You got a fragrance, nice!! :D I wonder how it smells. XD Seems like a lot of peeps got JPP products this month.

    1. it came in a bottle like so. haven't try it yet. we shall let Leimun describe it for us. i dare not pump it lar.. later potong steam .. lol yeah i noticed also that a lot of people het JPP products =)