A Manggis Dilemma

Fuiyo ! 
Durian season is back .
I saw my friends indulging in it .
in the office !
kao lat lor 
to those who loves durian
=) good for you.. eat all you want. but remember drink more water
to those who are like me 
neither hate nor like durian
well what can I say? 
we can indulge in mangoesteen a.k.a manggis 
Manggis is a tropical fruit which is packed with antioxidant 
which means... it is good for your skin ! 
i wanna call it Asian Berry  haha
that is why when ever durian season is here 
you can actually see me squatting hovering over a dustbin eating manggis
Don't ask me why,
I just felt this position makes me enjoy my manggis more 
Anyway ,  just yesterday my friend came to visit me 
the moment she enters the front gate she was like 
" what are you doing?"
I turned over and said 
"manggis, want or not?"
for some weird reason she looked rather reluctant but joint me squatting there still.
as the rate I was eating was similar like a hungry ghost I hardly took notice at what shes doing 
so by the time I turned over I noticed there was precious manggis juices all round the area. 
Only then I knew , the reason why she was reluctant was because she don't really know the correct technique in opening up a manggis hahaha
I was like her also few years back, till I saw a How To : Eat Mangoesteen tutorial online 
so let me teach you step by step alright? 
So we start off with a manggis, turn it around so you will see this flower
Place your thumb over the 'flower'

and press it so that it creates a dent like so 

after that once you open it 
you'll be presented with a nice perfect , mess free mangis

tadaa !!!

now lets practice again. 

=) now that you learnt how to open a manggis 
you can start nom nom nom away ler =) 


  1. me neither too! hahaha but wait.. eat in office?! that's horrible for those who doesnt like it ler!! haha

    1. Hahaha , no kidding weih ... They really feast in the office. And from the pictures i see that their floor are carpeted. Lol. Guess they will have to spray a litre of febreeze