Updates : New Handbag, Loving my Origins GinZing Eye Cream and Thank You HiShop

Disclaimer : products shown are purchased by blogger herself (using her hard earned cash , after hours of working in the office lol ) , unless otherwise stated . 

And so if you follow me on our Facebook page 
you will know that  
I bought a new Handbag 
(if you haven't , then you should... if you did then you would have known  lol ) 
after months of nagging on wanting to buy it 
I kept post pone the idea of getting one 
because in my little brain 
I want to make sure that it's a bag that I really want and can see myself using . 
In a long run.
I'm weird like that...
I buy a handbag , and would use it till it's thorn into half... lol
I just don't see the point in switching bags several times ... lol 
mainly is because I'm lazy hahaha...
So anyway, 
my bag finally came to a point where it's shouting at me literally to go buy a new one. 
and I present to you 
by Charles & Keith 
Colour : Fuchsia 

It came with a shoulder strap.
Where I can conveniently attach and detach as I wish
 Nice, at least I can turn it into a sling bag on days where I felt like I wanna be a tomboy =)

This is how it looked like 
from the side view
Now here is the thing..
When I buy bags I always fancy bags that could stand on it's own 

The next picture is an image of it's interior. 
It has 3 side pocket
One with zip
the other one without 
very spacious
hahahaha like car okay... can put in lots of treasures 

This is the view from the top. 

So in case you're curious how the zip looked like 
here is an image of it.
now I am not a science student
I definitely am also not an engineer where i know different types of material and stuff
But I do know the buckles are not made out of metal
HP , told me they are high density plastic which are coated in foil. 
what is all that about? I have no idea. 
one thing for sure is that I can still place in a whole lot of bulk in the bag and it still wont snap !

Awesomely speaking
Coincidentally , my iPad cover as well as my purse 
colour is very close to the handbag.
making them looked very matching 
#fuchsia #purple #wow
Yes my iPad can fit in the bag

Bringing such bright colourful bag has a risk on it's own.
this means that I will have to be alert when I'm walking alone on the streets. 
because it's too eye catching 
owh owh, 
and I have been liking this product very much. I've been using it for like a month 
the product work quite nice on me. 
best of all. I can see it lightening the colour or my eye bag as well. 
I didn't buy this myself. it's too expensive. 
It's a gift . =) 
from HP, to congratulate me on something yay yay !!!! 
along with this he also got me 2 facial sponges and some samples was given out for free. 

That's all for my post this week 
In case you're wondering why am I spamming so frequent, 
that's because I'll be extremely busy by next month on words.
nevertheless, I will still update the blog 
but prolly not so frequent. 
So if ever you miss me 
drop me a line on our FB page inbox hahahaha...
show me some love =)
Also thank you HiShop for generously sending us 3 Item to be reviewed this month
( A perfume, a Jelly Pong Pong lip and cheek stain as well as an essential oil as well as a whole bunch of great discount coupons ) 
Leimun, will be reviewing them 
So look forward to her review. 


  1. Aaaah love your bag! I saw it at C&K too, and thought the colour was really awesome. :D

    1. I love it too...=) especially the colour of it.. =) =))

  2. Awww nice bag ~ Real good pick! How much is it?

    1. Thank you !!! It's RM 229 ... Not bad huh :)

  3. OMG! So pretty and sweet. Love it much! How costly was it?

    1. Hi Jess, :) I paid RM229 for this new baby.. For the price i paid.. I hope it'll last me quite a while :)

  4. Hi, thank you for the swift reply! It is really beautiful and worth it I think! I have one too, Charles&Keith handbag and it did lasted for bout like 2 years by now. The quality is not too bad! Gd choice of colour babe..

    1. Seriously !? ... this affirms that i didnt make wrong choices ... Hahaha paying 229 is totally worth it... My previous one from Seed also lasted me quite a while.. Heheh... Thanks for stopping by Jess :) thanks also for the info.. This is my first bag from Charles &Keith :)

  5. The bag is so beautiful!! Great choice! :)

    1. Thanks Nabilah :) thank you also for stopping by :)

  6. I just loveee your bag! Can I have it! =P

    1. Hahaha .. Girl if i have another one i would be more than glad to gift one to you. But then this little new friend right here hardly seen any daylight yet hahahaha. Lol :)

  7. I'm really into this colour and I have similar bag in red colour bought from Taiwan online shop :P

    1. hi girl sorry for the late reply... =) been busy lately...

      for me I'm crazy over anything thats pink red or fuschia

  8. OMG !!! the bag is really pretty !! really like it

    1. i like it very much as well.. i brought it to work and my boss was like " WOW I like this colour !!!! so vibrant !" gave me a shock early in the morning

  9. been searching for this colour, i called most of the outlets but no stocks :(

  10. been searching for this color, i called all outlets but they said out of stocks :(