The Body Shop , Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

Ahhh, even back in my Uni days, I've always been a great fan of The Body Shop Shower Gel...
If you don't believe you can go Body Shop and then check on my record hahahaha how many shower gel have i purchased from them..

Because back in my Uni days the nearest Body Shop boutique was at Alor Star , every month I'll buy at least 3-4 bottles... Thats how siao-ish i am hahaha... Now that i'm back and already started working... I will only buy when ever i need .. Just coz i have easy access to their boutique.

Anyway , today i wanna share with you of my favourite fav fav shower gel... It's in their permenant line product called the Japanese Cherry Blossom ...i love this one so much i think i have used up more than 5 bottles in total.

The shower gel itself is infused with Japanese Cherry Blossom extract and enriched with Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia , thats why it has a very light flowery scent to it. And the scent practically last up to six hours.. The scent is pleasent and refreshing. I like using this especially in the morning... Also ... Your skin feels moisturised and soft after shower .. (I have another bottle used only at night haha )

The Body Shop is welknown for using only Natural Ingredients , and products are not tested on animals. :) also if i am not mistaken their bottles are biodegradable ... (correct me if I am wrong ) ...double yay for being environmental friendly eh...

Aside from their Shower Gel , they also have the Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT perfume and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand and Nail Cream .. The perfume was a gift from my brotherbecause he knew how crazy I am about their shower gel . The scent for these two product is exactly the same as the shower gel except that it's slightly stronger...

The Body Shop Malaysia is having their annual sales. Where there is discount up to 70% and additional 10% for members .. Sales begin from 17-19 May ... For more info visit

So will I repurchase the product?
~yes yes yes and yes. .... Drfinitely will

Do i recommend others to use it?
~ absolutely... Yes it can be a little pricey ... But then it's a good investment to buy a bottle and use it on special occasion hee ...

Have you tried them? Tell me your opinion .

Disclaimer : Products mentioned above are purchasedby blogger herself unless otherwise stated. Opinion given are purely based on personal experience .


  1. I absolutely LOVE the cherry blossom series from TBS! I have the EDT and it smells so lovely, too bad it doesn't last very long though.

    1. The scent from their shower gel last quite a while on me... Their EDT and hand &nail cream scent is pretty strong.. For some reason i hardly reach for them. Prefer mostly their shower gel ...

  2. wow! it really looks worth to buy! by the way, you didn't state the price. hee so what's the price for the cherry blossom shower gel?

    1. Hi girl, it's RM45 per bottle... They just have their annual sales.. Just now when i pass by there also got sales but not as crazy like their annual sales price lor... Definitely buy and give it a try