Mini Update :)

Leimun is busy with school. So you're left with me still :) nothing much to blog this week... Have you read about my experience on Burt's Bees? if you have extra couple bucks... Definitely go check them out :)

Owh yeah, few weeks back , McD launched one of their their Hello Kitty range collection... Honestly speaking... Im not really in to Hello Kitty .. I personally prefer Doraemon... You should see how excited i got at Doraemon world tour at Genting... I went siao ah ! Leimun blogged about her experience here . Click on it to read it. :)

Anyhow, surprisingly enought, not many people went crazy about it ... None the less, i still went on ahead collecting all 4 of them with HP.. With his crazy work schedule. We just took this part time activity up for fun.. An activity that would allow us to look forward too every week

Apart from that.. Everything else have been pretty normal... Owh owh, and at this point i wanna bitch slap myself. I kept telling myself "angie !!! You need to save up your money for rainy days" and then turn around and go buying unnecessary stuff..

Worst part is where i bought this ice cream , said to be made out of natural fruits which cost me rm8.90 ... After my first bite i realise it was a total ripped off. Ftw !? Lol it does have real fruits blended into it , but basically the whole popcicle which I was eating was made out of colouring , flavouring and some fruits blended together and frozen ( which in my case , i picked grape flavour... All i ate was grape skin )... And if you're interested where i bought this oh-so-interesting ice cream ... Well you know that little lorong between Mid Valley and Gardens where they sell lots food???? ... Somewhere near Ninja Joe ??? Somewhere opposite Big Apple? Lol.. Yeah its located there... Go figure.. Hahaha... Seriously don't buy.. You'll look like a sucker eating that. ...

Owh, I'm also bury preparing all my stuff. I'm shifting to a new location. Will be based there. Very very excited and scared at the same time.. Everything will look foreign .... Lets pray that it all goes well..

A new blog post will be up really soon. So i hope that you could be a little patient with us while we work out on it :) ... Till my next post... Stay safe and take care :)

XxAngie :)


  1. My bro bought 2 sets of the Hello Kitty but then he bought only 1 Ronald Kitty, so one set is missing one! T___T I wonder if it's still available... I can't really think of any ice-cream there, but i'll keep it in mind next time I go there and crave for ice-cream, lol

    Anyways, all the best in moving to your new place! :D I'm sure it'll be alright. ^^

    1. It's still available at certain mcD ... My friend who works at McD tell me if you really cannot get it anywhere else the best place is to get it at KLIA or LCCT airport.. They place a lot there..

      Thanks !! I sure hope everything will be great :)