Maybeline - Lipstick in Red Porcelain ; Colour Tattoo Eyestudio in Tough as Toupe and Tenacious Teal .

And and and
as promised 
I, Angie had made yet another blog post 
I believe you ladies are familiar with this tag line 
Maybe shes born with it . Maybe it's Maybeline . 
Hahaha ... So 
Today I will be Blogging on some Maybeline products 
Thanks to Laura who have been raving about it in her blog 
You may click on this Link (to Laura's Blog) to read on her blog posts
it's super interesting and fun 
jammed with great quality pictures 
I have bought these items somewhere like a week or two back. 
It's the Maybeline lipstick in RED Porcelain 
and the Colour Tattoo in Tough as Toupe and Tenacious Teal.

Look at this ...
ahhhhhhhhh, I've always been a crazy fan of Red lipstick. 
My mom always remind me 
"you're young ! so when you have it FLAUNT IT !"
so in my peanut brain
I believe I have nice lips 
so I wanna show it off.  hahahahahaha
Jangan Jealous ...

Just look at these Colour Tattoo
Say, you're not familiar to what the Colour Tattoo is about 
the Colour Tattoo basically is a 
3 in one it can be your 
 1. Eye Shadow Base
2. Cream Eye Shadow ; and
3. Eye liner

Here are the swatches 
Don't the colour looked gorgeous? 

In this next image it is a side to side comparison between 
Maybeline RED Porcelain as well as the 
Maybeline Are You Red-dy 
Like Laura mentioned the New Red Porcelain is a bright red and the red is more towards the orangy side
making this colour very wearable and practically suit any skin tone, giving the wearer a playful feel ... heheh
While on the other hand the shade in Are You-Red-dy is a deep red slightly darker than the Red Porcelain
giving the wearer a sexy feel .... =) 

This next image 
I used Tenacious Teal  to make it as an eye shadow based
the colour matches perfectly to my teal shadow from my 88 Shimmer Palatte 

So in the next couple of images i actually used  
 Tough as Toupe Colour Tattoo  and Red Porcelain Lipstick
alongside with some basic makeup item 
and voila ! Looking Awesome =) 
I used my Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour liquid Foundation (click here to read about my review )
then my M.A.C Mineralised Foundation in shade Medium to set it ( click here to read on my haul)
Maybeline Hyper Sharp Liner
as well as the Maybeline Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara ( I'll blog about this soon =) )

After slapping all that on your face... 
wait it to set for a little moment 
and I present you .....

See my bulu mata melentik?
and I like how the light toupe peek out heheh... 

Okay so I know 
some of you must be asking "why did she apply blusher?"
well the reason is because I placed a lot of emphasis on my lips by using a red shade
and also my eye with that light shadow,  liner and mascara
which are pretty strong colours
I didn't want myself to look like some clown 
slapping on blusher.
(unless of course if I'm doing some runway heheh, then I don't  mind looking ridiculous )
Also for some magic reason
Whenever you use red lipstick it magically make your cheeks looked like there is blusher.. something about it that makes it all perfect lol
As my skin tone is slightly fairer now you can totally see 
even without blusher the natural flush (it was super hot okay in the room and toilet... trying to get good lightning)
made me looked awesome. 
hahaha =) 
Say you didn't want to apply liquid foundation
you can totally skip this step and go on ahead using a light powder foundation and then proceed with the eye and lip make up 
So what do I have to say about it? 

~ I totally love the lipstick, red is my favourite colour
~The price of the lipstick and the Colour Tattoo is reasonable (can buy them on slightly marked down price from drugstore)
~the Colour Tattoo when applied alone lasted quite a while
~the lipstick left my lips with a light tint after it's been wiped off (yay, which means I won't look pale lor ) 
~ the only down side I have to say is that the Colour Tattoo is not that creamy and smooth , it tug my skin a bit during application ... just a bit ... 

So will I repurchase ?

~the lipstick ? yes 
~the colour tattoo? erm, well I might.... only if they have interesting colours heheh... 

Will I recommend others to purchase it?
~ Yes, .... Why not? huh 

How will I rate them?
~ Lipstick - 5/5 
~ Colour Tattoo - 4/5 Just because I pattern it tug on my skin slight bit =) 


  1. Awww.. Thank you for mentioning me! *blush* :')

    I love the teal colour too, hehe! I want to try using them as eyeliner one of these days (once I get a proper eyeliner brush lllorz) Love your makeup; you have super nice skin! :O

    1. =) Small matter. Your blog is good and informative .. and my skin is not always in this manner. I have slight blemish .. but then I'd say the foundation managed to cover them up nicely. Just few weeks Back I have 3 big pimples and one was right in the middle of my nose... I looked like Rudolf

  2. The lipstick is very beautiful and pigmented! I am not a fan of red lipsticks but I am always envious of those of you who are bold enough to carry red lips!

    1. Hi girl !! :) thank you so much for stopping by... You should definitely give red lipstick a try.. Perhaps try first with a coral colour, then gradually transit to cherry red and then chilli red :) ... Red lips are fun to wear .. Gives us the pop of colour.. Dont have to look pale.. Can apply it straight out from the tube after youre comfortable with it...

      Will visit your blog .thank you so much for stopping by. :)

  3. the red lipstick looks grt on u Angie <3

    1. Hi Appy :) i hope youre doing well.. I saw your lates couple of post. Awesome job you did right there... Thank you for the compliment. I think this red shade goes well with anybody. It's so bring and summerish

  4. great post! Loving those Maybelline color tattoos as well especially in Bad to the Bronze!