Burt's Bees ; Sweet Violet Tinted Lip Balm and Lip Shine in Blush

Last Saturday HP and I went shopping at Sunway... Our main goal that day was to help him get some baju, seluar and kasut ready for his friends wedding.. Apparently he is to be one of the 'heng dais'.... I pray that the brides 'ji mui' will wax their leg nd make them wear pempers ... Hahahah...

Anyway , after getting all the stuff which he needed we went round walking aimlessly and suddenly i spotted Burt's Bees Boutique. I read so much about it from Fatin's blog that i thought I need to try it myself for once..

So i went into the boutique And was served by this young malay lady.. She asked how can she assist me .. And blankly i looked at her and said "saya nak tahu, lipstick mana perempuan kat poster luar tu pakai" lol now i know i looked dumb.. But for some reason i just liked that colour the girl on theposter was using.. She told me the girl in the poster was using their lipgloss .. And I was like " takpe kita tengok yang lain , lip gloss banyak kat rumah tak minat "

And so after after testing out a couple of product paired with some slight persuasion I settled with this

They were having some special pair promotion, these two cost RM 76.50 ... Individually the tinted lip balm cost RM42.80 and the lip shine cost RM48.80

Don't be fooled. Hahaha the tinted lip balm container was huge... For a second i was shocked as it looked more like some cream stick blusher to me rather than a tinted lip balm. Lol.. But after the girl explained , only then i knew the lip tint stick was tiny :)

This is how the lip shine looked like. Basically you just squeeze it out from the tube and directly apply it on your lips. Since its for my personal usage i didnt bother much about squeezing it out and then applying ..

In this image are the swatches... The top one was the lip shine.. Very jelly like...

The bottom one was the lip tint.. Has a light sheer berry tint to it :)
Both product has a very light sweet scent to it. Jennifer told me it smelled like strawberry.. To me is just some sweet scent.. Didnt bother me much...

So verdict...

I really like this brand. I used it immediately after purchasing it and was suprised that my lips felt so moisturised and conditioned .. Leaving it looking soft and kissable hahaha.. ..... Unlike some other lip balm where i constantly have to reapply.. For this brand ... I'll only apply it when after meals or whenever i felt felt like. Amazingly, the balm didnt leave any white substance on my lips, some said it's dead skin... I don't agree lor.. Coz i brush my lips everyday one.. Ahaha. I'm really loving this lip balm and have been using it since i purchase it..

So will i recommend others to buy it ?
~ yes, definitely try it.

Is this purchase worth my money ?
~ yes ...

Will i repurchase ?
~ yes :)

Disclaimer : Products shown was purchased by blogger herself. Opinion stated is based onblogger personal experience.


  1. From the swatches, the pink shades are really pretty :D I've heard a lot about Burt's Bees especially their lip products, but have yet to actually purchase one to use, lol.

    1. It's my first time buying it... I really like the balm ... It's a bit pricey... But totally worth my money..