Working Life

And so another Friday has come. :) totally loving every bit of it.
There is just something about Friday which I'm attracted too.
Somehow , the heavy bulk of paper work which are sitting on my desk with close due date no longer matter...

All i have in my peanut brain right now is where to go after work. :) what to eat and who to be with :)
Working life is not a bed of roses... Lots are going on in the arena itself.
And you have got to personally be in it to experience it for your self.

Unless you have your own business or work on flexi time like some people whom I know,
Eye bags , puffy eyes and sleep deprived are a norm...
What can I say ? We have a life kan:)
There will be time where you will felt really lazy to even dress up because youre too tired or stressed up.
None the less the awesome motivation which keeps us moving forward are the friendly colleagues and the salary which you see in your bank statement..
That few second, you'll feel every bit of it is absolutely worth while..
:) :D

Here a picture for you to look at. Haha an idea on how i looked like on a typical day..where all i want is to get dressed and thats it ! . :)

i'll have a pretty interesting weekend scheduled up for me.. What about you?
What are your plans over the weekend ?

Till i blog again. Take care :) stay safe.