What's your latest obsession?

I've been really liking my L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil....

Special thanks to Jing Chew and Li Zhu who actually took the trouble in getting it for me. They are such nice people. Heheh... I only mentioned that I wanted it once. And then the next thing I knew was that they went shopping , saw it and help me buy a bottle.

The product is 125ml , made in Spain, suitable for all type of hair and its enriched with avocado and grape seed oil.

This oil really helped nurishes my slightly dry hair. And smells great too. I usually uses only 2 pumps of it and concentrate mostly and the ends of my hair. Hair feels soft after using it, non-greasy feel and smells great up to about 5 hours ( in the office working or plain just sitting and not do much ).

I got mine on a slightly marked down price because my buddy bought quite a lot of stuff from the shop. If you are interested in trying it I believe it is priced at RM75 per bottle. It comes in a few different type catring for different hair needs, mine is in Nurishing Oil for All Types of Hair.

What about you? What's YourLatest Obsession?

Disclaimer: Product shown was purchased by blogger herself :)


  1. I've always wanted to try hair oil, because my hair is absolutely dry and fizzy! >_< Hesitating because these oils are not cheap. :(

    1. Laura, definitely give this a try... I have previously tried on 2 other brand, both recommended by the hair stylist... I didn't like it at all. because it makes my hair feels greasy and looked as if it hasn't been washed for a few days. This one is different It feels good, smells good (especially when used after freshly washed hair), and really made my hair looked healthier with that natural shine. =)