Nails ❤ Bejeweled and Framed

Best way to getaway from boring weekend? (mine is thesis writing, fml)
I'll say put on some lacquers and bling it on!

You can see slightly different tone of turquoise here.
I used Etude House GR607 VVIP on index and middle fingers; and Beauty Buffet S05 on ring and pinky fingers.

 Then I put on random blings I got in hand framing the accent nail.
This is definitely cooling me down from crazy hot weather in Perlis and thesis writing.

Coming up next,
Swatches post! 


  1. This is super pretty!! :D I've always wanted to DIY these bling bling nail art, but my left-right hand coordination srsly sucks, LOL.

  2. I love the color. It looks so fresh and pretty

  3. Nice nails! I can never paint mine perfectly...haha.
    Strings Of Memories

  4. Prettyy! I wish I could paint like you, so nice :(