Lovely Morning.

It's Monday again.
Everything seem calm and beautiful.
I love how time flies.. Hahaha. I sense i'll be getting a smack on the head anytime soon.

Look what I've found

This is a very cute app for iPad users. Its called DraftCraft and the app is free. Now if you're an avid blogger youll definitely love this. Unlike the Blogger app. DraftCraft allows you to not only draft out your post. It also allows you position directly where you want your photos to be at.

You can easily size and resize images to your liking. Pace them on the left like so

Or if you prefer, you may position it on your right like so.
Haha. If you wish too. You may rotate the images to your likings by tapping on the images and rotating it with 2 fingers !!! And you may tap on the image again to wrap text( continue typing next to the picture) So that itll look like so
Heheh. Cool isnt it? after youre satisfied with the position you may choose a blogging site and then tap again so that itll be published.

Also you may choose to BOLD , or ITALISE your font on wordings which you wish to put extra emphasis on. And if theres a link you wish people to click on to visit just link it like so by clicking here .. And you can easily do all that by double tapping on the fonts to highlight it and then select which one you want.

The only downside of this app is you cannot choose your font colour. And the text and info will not be captured in blogger. Your Blogger dashboard will only capture the title of the post and not its content. Any changes you will have to come back to DraftCraft to edit it.

There is no such thing called free lunch. This free app they apparently limit you to 10 post. And after you reach the 10 post limit, to continue to use it. You'll have to pay USD 0.99 which is about rm3 bucks if i'm not mistaken. Only then you'll be given free unlimited access to all the other special features which comes with it. Well see by then what other unlimited features and then i'll come back updating you guys again kay :)

Well what can i say? You win some you loose some... Hahaha. I dont mind drafting my post here on DraftCraft which allows me to use basic simple freedom features which Blogger had cap me from...

Seriously. Try it... Well at least for the first 10 post is free. Experience it and then decide if you want to purchase it or not. Download it and be amazed. :)

Disclaimer : All pictures which are featured in this post are owned by the blog admin. The blog admins are not compensated with any form of monetary incentive or benefit related for mentioning DraftCraft and are affiliated to DraftCraft. All opinion given are based on personal experience and the blog admin does not confirm any accuracy in it.