Essence - Fix & Matte. Translucent Loose Powder

It was last week or so I teman my mom to Alamanda for Grocery shopping (Just coz it is near my house). We stop by at Parksons to have a look see. While my mom was busy trying on clothes I went straight to the shelves where they placed different different brands of cosmetics. As awesome as this may sound, Alamanda Parksons carries Essence brand cosmetics. 

As I was on a tight budget (as always) . I went on ahead telling myself that all I'll do is to swatch them on the back of my hand and thats it. After probably about 15 minutes of trying out various tester , my mom called me on my handphone asking me to go to the other side of the ladies department as she needed my opinion on some stuff. 

I told her I'm busy trying out stuffs and asked if she can wait. She replied " seriously? when I needed you most? " .... whoa in my mind I was thinking " wah lao eh , like lovers talking .... A sentence filled with urgency" hahaha.... So I told her to give me 5 minutes while I decide if there is anything I wished to bring back and try. 

I know... I know... I know I said I'll only swatch them and not buy them... But then kan ... Od all the products I played with , there was only one product that has no tester tau... And so haha, I decided to give Essence Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder a try...

It cost only RM 18.90 ! very Affordable for a product of 15.5g jar =)

This is how it looked like when you open the cap/lid... like any other loose powder it comes with little holes which are sealed with a sticker ( do not accept if sticker is opened or peeled)  so that no product spilling out. 
 So I came home feeling gila semangat to put this to a test. It reads 'Fix & Matte' , in my little peanut brain I was thinking that this is some sort of a magic powder with a special spell cast to it. hahaha...

I quickly applied some liquid foundation on the back of my hand 
( to read more aviyt the foundation I used you may click on the link here )

I then smoothed it out with a cosmetic sponge, and this is how it looked like. 

Then I searched through my eye shadow box, just because I wanted to find an eye shadow which was shimmery or frost finish. heheh, of all the eye shadow I owned I decided to settle with The Body Shop baked eye shadow in Copper. Then I loaded it on my stipling brush  (as it's already dirty and needs to be deep cleaned =) ) 

and applied a generous amount on the back of my hand where the liquid foundation was applied slightly earlier.

After that I poured a small amount of translucent powder on the cap/lid 

Swrilled my brush around the lid so that the product is loaded up on my brush. Then I applied it on the back of my hand .

As you can see in this next image . There isn't much difference between the before and after ...  I felt ripped off. hahaha

 Feeling sad , I sat there thinking og the concept of a translucent powder and was thinking "why on earth did the packaging said Matte when it is not even close to matte?"

Then I turned to the back of the packaging and *bing* as though it was a sign from heaven , which reads 'translucent powder for flawless and matte finish , absorbs access oil on face , applied over make up, helps to set , for all skin tone".

Wah lao eh, I felt like an idiot lol... So I went straight ahead to the toilet and washed clean my hand... Can you tell I actually SCRUB hem clean ... literally? hahaha

I then decided to put this product to a second round of testing. I slapped on a generous amount of face moisturizer... 

 And look ! greasy already ! =) I waited for a few moments so that the product absorbs slightly into my skin....

Then once again, I loaded my brush with the translucent powder

and applied it all over on the back of my hand ,

and I told myself... WOW !!!! NOW THIS IS MAGIC !!!! 
totally SHINE free weih , best of all it feels absolutely SMOOTH ! 

For the price I paid , it is many many times worth my money buying it compared to buying those blotting tissue or rice paper powder... hahaha.. absolutely Awesome !

The only downside of this product is that the plastic lid is not securely stuck to the jar... 
Look at what happened when I tried yo remove the sticker from the lubangs (hole) 


So How would I rate this product?
~ Definitely a 4/5 , the product lost one point on the lid which flew out causing a mess on my table when I tried to remove the sticker... Lucky I wasn't being rough, ripping the sticker off like what kids do on Christmas Morning, else I think I'll be left with nothing ...

Will I repurchase this product?
~without doubt or second thought ... Yes I will...

Will I recommend others to try on it?
~Absolutely... enough said...

Disclaimer : Product was purchased by me... All content in this post are based on my personal opinion and experiences. 

take care... God Bless =)


  1. I think I need this! I always love matte products especially for face. Maybe this can replace my Candy Doll loose powder... hmmm..... :P

    1. Hi Laura, definitely give this product a try.. I've been using this since the day i bought it ... Almost a week over... And I've been really liking it.. For the price i paid. No complains ... Really.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi yunk :) ... Definitely give this a try... I have been using it since the day i purchase it...and have to say its worth my cash and never regretted for even a second :)