Beauty Books... Which Should I Buy?

When it comes to cosmetic and beauty. It all boils down to skills.
I remember discovering YouTube in my younger days and then I would spend hours and hours watching JuleiG, EnkoreMakeup, Xsparkage and many other guru doing their make-up tutorial in front of the camera...

Watching them make-up is fun , learning their technique is another story... 
Most gurus are nice enough to help break down each technique into a single video. But then there is only so much you can grasp from the 10 minutes long of fully summarized step by step they can impart to us. 

Due to time constrain , I never exactly manage to attend any makeup courses ... another reason is because they cost quite a bomb. 
So as what most avid readers do... they turn to books. =) and so did I ... 
Here I present to you 6 beauty books which I have in my mini collection .
I did not buy them all at once.. rather I slowly collected them over a period of time. 
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The first book which I bought was Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, retailing at RM 72.14 from KINOKUNIYA.
The book basically acts as a pep talk to young teenage ladies who are still feeling vulnerable and not confident on how they look and feel of themselves. 

The book also teaches young ladies the basics of mak-up ... less is more... embrace what your blessed with was what I learnt from it ...

After my first book I proceeded to buying my second book which was also from Bobbi Brown , named Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual which retailed at RM 76.90 from MPH.
I really like how she presented the book and how she encourages ladies to embrace their natural selve.

In this book she explains in more detail on how to use various different type of makeup style and technique for various occasion , what sort of food to consume to help us get nicer complexion as well as the usage of various different make-up tools and many more.

The third book I got was the Pro Nail Care by Leigh Toselli, which retails at RM 24.90 at MPH. If you're a lady who is really into nails  or maybe even someone who has just started out loving nail art.
I have seen various other nail books , this is by far the only one I would recommend to buy because it really is worth the money. 
Even if you're not into nails , buy it ! read it ! you'll be surprise how much you can learn from it.

In this book it actually talks about the nail art history, the nail art technique, the correct way to do a manicure and pedicure , how to handle nail tools as well as many step by step pictorial technique which you can follow ...
I Highly recommend this book to all nail art lover. 

Then of course there is the very famous Beauty by Lauren Conrad book which retails at RM 63.90 at MPH.
Like any other beauty related books, Conrad shares about her insecurities while growing up and how she learnt to love herself and embrace true beauty. In the book itself she actually break it down to few different section , guiding her readers through a step by step pictorial method using herself and models to illustrate. She also teaches her readers how to achieve few different of her signature hairstyle especially the famous beach everyday wavy hair which most of us ladies drool of having as well as basic Manicure art.

If you are a Lauren Conrad fan , and would like to get the exact or rather similar look. This is the book for you !

Next I have is Make-up Secret by Jemma Kidd, which retails at RM 95.80 at MPH.
This book is slightly more expensive compared to the rest , but I assure you it is really worth it . 
There are a lot of pictures in the book to help you get inspired and copy (if you wish) . 
step by step walk through technique,
she even teachers her reader to pick their best features and flaunt it ! 
colour technique which compliment which skin tone and so on. 
Like Bobbi Brown she also gave a couple of food suggestions to her readers on how to care for their skin and what to eat to improve their complexion

The last book is the Makeup Makeover in 5, 10, 15, 20 Minutes by Robert Jones. The book is retailed at RM59.80 at MPH.
I personally really love this book .
Unlike other beauty books which teaches us on the basic step by step 
( which if you read more than 2 beauty books you'll find it pretty repetitive) 
In Jones book, at the first part, he gave only a brief introduction of the overall. 
Then he straight away jumps into teaching us how to achieve a full face makeup within minutes ! 
everything is teach in step by step .. Best of all you can have different looks for office every single day and for various occasion effortlessly..

If you are a working lady who loves sleeping like I do.... This is the book for you !

So of the 6 books above, which do I recommend?
~ I would personally recommend you to buy Jemma Kidd and Robert Jones book. 
But this 2 books and I promise you have a 'compilation' of all the other books. 
of course if you have a couple extra bucks, dont forget to get the ProNail Care book as well =)

What to do if I went to MPH and KINOKUNIYA , books are out of stock ... HELP !
~ Don't worry, just walk over to their customer care counter and they would be more than happy to assist you in shipping in the book .

P/S: All my books looked real new bcause I love them too much to handle them roughly. Even while reading them I make sure I open them with care. =) I love buying from KINOKUNIYA and MPH because books are nicely wrapped up and well handled with care.

Also, do look forward to our product review from HiShop soon... Stay Excited !

Disclaimer: All books shown were purchased by me . I am not given any monetary compensation for mentioning them. Opinion given are purely based on personal experience 



  1. Love the books,will definitely check these books out cause you recommended it lols :P

  2. You really should. You'll learn a lot from it.