What Have We Been Up Too?

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update
on what we have been up too lately.
First of all we apologise for the lack on updates.
I do have a couple of post on drafts just that I havent upload any pictures. hahaha
both blog admin have been pretty busy lately
Leimun with her Thesis
and I?
would have a to say a combination of Laziness, Work , and Life
also I just had a small mishap
Kicked my own leg and then now it's swallen at the ankle.
The results of walking without bring along my eyes hahaha
But worry not as we will be back on track soonish..
Also Great news
Guess what????
we're bringing you to head up north with us ! 
Wayyyyy up North !
Across the country boarder
entering Thailand by foot =)
(sounded macam yes)
and will call Hatyai our home for a couple of days
in April
Same way how we bring you along with us to Melaka the last time
Yes you can expect another travel post from us.
(don't care wat chu say  I wanna post also )
You may expect quick travel tips (for ladies)
OOTD's , FOTD's and How To's (maybe) hahaha
 and Heavy picture spamming
and many more
We probably will not be able to do much shopping
as there will be a week long celebration there during the time
Not sure what will we be doing ..
but heheh..
OMG travel mode is like so ON right now.
Crazilly looking forward =)
Owh I'm also heading to Kuantan in May ! for 3days with some friends.
for the sake of sitting in a car and talking random stuff.


  1. Awesome ! =)
    well stress now and look forward to a great break soon.. also remember to renew your Passport

    1. Oh yes i'll go with them together. =) Thanks for remind! Lol