Luck's Coming Back

Hi Everyone !
I have a very unfortunate news to announce
apparently due to some last minute issues
We will not be heading to Thailand after all.
Seem more to me like Thailand and I
aren't BFF's
I was extremely upset
so upset at one point I even refuse to drink
I was sooo looking forward to this trip
I was even making plans already
But guess I'll just have to live with it.
Anyway todays
No thus far,
the Monday Blues idea does not apply to me in real life.
I know right
cocky !
But truth is I love my job and thats all that matters
Also McDonald's
is also giving out free Egg McMuffin
for the first one thousand customer in each outlet
I got mine have you got yours?
The branch at sentral was crazy long
thankfully the place where I work was still okay
I qued up almost like about 10 minutes and got my free Muffin
There was this uncle whom I saw
he went 3 Times !
how did I manage to find out
while I was queing up with my colleagues he came and said hello I was here the guy can be my saksi..
and then we were like were like " okay" since the gentleman in front agreed.
he manage to go claim the muffin with the group right in front of us (they release 20 at a time) and then I saw him taking the free Muffin walking back to his seat which was near the exit
and smilling happily
and I saw on the table were papers and 3 McMuffins. hahaha
Whoever he is whatever background he is from
I want to say
Syabas McD !
you never fail to put a smile on peoples face.
This concept of giving out free Egg McMuffin is indeed an awesome idea
You're not only blessing the society
but also
Giving the less fortunate one chance to Taste McDonalds.
I was lucky customer number 0583 ! at 8:30am ! haha..
Luck's coming back to me ladies.
I never thought I'd get one haha..
Note: will upload a picture of my free Egg McMuffin later in the evening. HAHAHA