I Went Shopping Ladies ! Collective Haul (March)

Wow !
In a wink of an eye
is already the month of March
slacking for most of the time.
As embarrassing as this may sound.
I noticed or rather realise that
my math is coming
from bad to worst.
why did I say so?
well let me share with you what happened just
few weeks back I was looking at my February calender
and then noticed
"hey ! there's only 28 days this year !"
Thinking that most people wont notice it
I went ahead happily telling a HP
"eh, you know ah this year leap year you know "
I was pretty much expecting a respond like
"har is that so don't know leh"
instead he replied
"mmm 2013 ah ... wait ah i count"
*after like what seem 2 seconds*
"yes correct it's leap year"
it's only then i learnt that if you can divide the numbers fully then it's not leap year.
if you cannot divide the numbers fully with 4 then it's a leap year...
I don't not know what have gotten into me but I have been spending like there is no tomorrow
Yes, I pretty much spent quite a huge chunk of my last month salary on shopping and miscellaneous items.
is it worth the spend?
definitely YES!
Worth every penny or cents or sen ! (choose your pick)
In this post I'll let the pictures domopst of  the talking.
This was the picture which I uploaded on our FB Page

and so I present to you
.... This

A close up look on the products.

Yadah Toner came conveniently with a pump

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Been faithfully using this brand for as long as I remember discovering
the beauty of eye lash curler

Powder Paper by Muji
(note: not suitable for individuals with dark skin tone. Tried this on HP who has like dark charcoal skin lol, it looked ashy on the skin)

Yet another Maybeline Falsies Mascara and HyperSharp Liner
ahhh love it..
 with only these 2 item in hand I'm ready to roll

Then I also went to M.A.C
and purchased a Mineralised Foundation as well as a Blotting Powder.
I'm in shade Medium for both product

Note: to those who likes peeling every packaging and sticker for the M.A.C mineralised loose powder foundation please only peel half the sticker. Reason is because the holes are so big you'll end up with a huge amount on the lid when you open it. causing it to be messy.

Then I visited Top Shop as well and got myself these
2 items.
I heard a lot of great stories about them..
Thats a smudger blending brush -Looked down on it initially because of the smell and because the bristles are scratchy. but after using it for like 2 weeks now I have to say this little bugger is pretty impressive
The other one is an Orange Matte lipstick, it's creamy and bright. and have to say it became my favourite
Have been using it daily and received truck loads of compliments.
I look forward in trying more products from Top Shop

Here is a swatch of the lip colour.
except that after editing and the lightning problem.
the colour went duller.
Imagine it as 3 times brighter.
colour is buildable..
totally wearable.

Also I headed to Dorothy Perkins
and got my self a pretty deep maroon pleated dress

a close up detail of the dress
apparently it says it's one of the new arrivals.

Then I went online and also spent a bomb there

Got myself some 2 way cover up chiffon
as well as a very nice Gold Coin Necklace. (picture for necklace will be up soon )
the 2 way Chiffon cover ups are not cheap mind you
they cost quite a bit even after marked down (for one of the piece)

there are actually few more items aside from these
but then I don't know why i used it before I even manage to take pictures of them
And so there you have it.
Items of stuffs which I purchased for myself.
Owh, If only money grows on trees
or falls from the sky
Pretty dried up now
surviving on bread and water another 8 working days to go..
till my next paycheck arrive
Why am I a female?
Why do I get easily lured into cute pretty expensive stuffs?
Till then ladies
Take care and Stay Safe !


  1. this explained the statement you told me earlier! LOL

  2. I love your haul! :D (Especially the makeup, nyehehehe)
    Now I'm so tempted to get the Shu curler and TopShop lip crayon (but I dislike having to sharpen it >_<)

    1. Hi Laura ! You really should try them especially the Shu Uemura eye lash curler. Unlike the other brands (be it high end or low end) i find that only this eye lash curler will not pinch the skin on the side of my eye. It fits nicely and curls perfectly. Highly recommend it =)