Can't Wait For April

My life have been pretty busy since January till now.
Aside from all the work which I have to get it done.
I have also been having quite a number of mini 'accidents' from here and there
what sort?
Well I fell in the toilet,
I was sick
I had bad headache
I fell at the parking lot
I missed a step and slip down the stairs
I knock my elbow
My knee hurts from the fall at the parking lot.
Parcel sent was being opened and untracable
Parcel which was sent to me is yet to arrive ( been 2 days and today is friday)
Registered mail sent to my friend also is yet to arrive ( a week already ! What is Pos M doing ?)
Witnessed my HP's 3 week old car mirror cracked (haha , am kuk or not?)
and practically the list goes on.
have been having crazy sleepless nights
all these add up really frustrates me
I guess it's because of this I went shopping
and when I said Shopping I really went all out.
I'm still waiting for another parcel to arrive and only then will I release the new blog post.
I think I'll name it
"Angie's Shopping Haul "
Anyway, I'm excited for April to come.
Mainly because I'm very much determine It's the begining of great awesome luck
I mean, my unfortunate events which I face have to come to an end kan?
it has to reach its quota by now kan?
I'm also very looking forward to my Hatyai trip
It's not my first time there
but perhaps I'm so stressed up on all the things thats been happening
I just need a vaca badly.
Friends who know me
have succum to severe ear bleeding
Because I have been nagging about how excited shiz I am about going to Hatyai and
all the plans of blogging it out to share with you guys.
I'm also feeling so semangat about this whole trip
I have decided I need to hit treadmill for 1.5 hour a day incline 6 WAH LAO EH!
hahahahaha , my friend responded with a sinical laugh...
like that lar!!! Hey come on ! hahaha
Besides that I also have been surveying for day packs or knapsacks which are priced reasonably
reason is because the bag which I used often before this
my dad threw it in the dumpster already after discovering that it has hole and various patch work.. Owh my little hot pink !
In case you're curious in knowing what am I looking for in a bag
I want it to be well padded at the shoulder
and I want it to be HOT PINK !
if i cannot get it in HOT PINK !
i want it to be in DEEP SEA BLUE !
ot TEAL !
I saw one was really nice from Deuter
one of the models online
and it's HOT PINK !
well can't confirm anything just yet.
I'll just go survey around for a bit more.
and see if i can get a better deal or not.
I'm so frickle minded like that
I may even end up not buying one..
Till our next blog post..
Take care all.

Updates : I really like Deuter concept.. I think i'll go for this brand .. I guess... haha