A Gift from Someone

My mom's friend from Australia recently came to visit us in Malaysia... Knowing well that i owned a blog. And i'm in to cosmetics she gave me the this.

The product doesn't have a brand. Guess its one of those called OEM product like what HP often mention about.

Either way,they are frost finish...Nice colours they have there mostly pastel-ish as you can tell and a couple which are slightly more towards earth tone. Pretty well pigmented as well.. Similar to the 88shimmer palatte by BH Cosmetics..

:) good morning ladies. :) i blog because i felt like blogging :) might re-edit this post later on today. Have a great day ahead. :).


  1. Stock for a year at least...hahaha

    1. lol... yeah... you nak tak Izhar... I can spare some to you... since I memang tak habis pakai punya =) hahaha =) ... thank you for stopping by... nanti when I post barang baru ingat datang visit tau =)