Tigress Nail Patch Review

Hello Ladies !
Angie is BACK
I hope everyone is doing fine today
wow ! 
Blink of an eye and LOOK it's February already !
The month of January
has been a really challenging month for me
So much has happened
so many last minute changed of plans.
Thus, the Month over MIA from me 
I pretty much owe a great big favour to Leimun
who has been faithfully keeping you guys updated 
with interesting cute nail designs
long story short
I've overtime picked up little little skills from reading leimuns blog post
and so today I present to you
Leimun had earlier made a post on this you may click on this link here
and you'll fly just over
So , what is it exactly?
Nail patches are thinly printed striped of sticker like
which you used it on your nails to substitute nail polishes
If you follow me our FB page you'll know I have been trying to do nail art whole weekend and soon I got so frustrated and decided i wanted a nail patch design instead.
and so I picked out Nail Patches !!!
We do sell these nail patches
(under a third party name, if you're interested you may still contact us)
you may take a peep at them by clicking here and here as well
many did purchased and tried on them .
some users came back to us with feedbacks saying that the sticker either was thorn in the process
(which i found out they used it the wrong way)
 or they just have no idea how to use.
And so !
I present to you
Tigress Printed Nail Patch for First time Users.
I promise as a late bloomer hahaha
This is really my first time using Nail Patches.
I do know how to use it I just didnt get around it till now
it is also
My first time wearing a design with such great WOW Factor in the public.
You need only 3 tools, okay probably 4
1. Hair Dryer ( extremely important)
2. Nail Patches ( duhh..)
3. Nail File (yesh yesh yesh)
4. Pair of tweezers ( optional)

so the first thing you would want to do is to
learn of the 'anatomy' of the nail patches. You may refer to the picture below
 I picked out the Tiger print design
as you can see the rounded part is supposed to be facing inwards while the flat part
is to be facing outwards

 meassure the sticker against the size of your nail.
Trim it slightly as required
Worry not as there is always a size for every nail ..
There is even a correct size for my pinky !
(leimun always complain when ever shes doing my pinky as it's too tiny)

Now that you have picked out a size
you need to cut them out looking like so

You have to make sure that the size of the sticker is the same as your nail
or else you'll end up with something which looks like this
*can you see how the sticker failed to cover the entire nail?

then with a hair dryer
if there is a heat setting button
set it to the highest heat
Aim it at the sticker and blow away
( the purpose for doing so is to help loosen and melt the glue so it can easily slip off)

after like say 30 seconds 
you can use a tweezer or your nail to give the sticker a bit of a 'push' and it'll slip off like so

Now very carefully and slowly
position the centre of the nail patch to your nail
and then slowly rub it down using your fingers smothing it along the way
You have to be very careful as the strip is really thin and light
try smooth it as much as possible so no air bubble appear.

once you're happy with the position
push the access of the sticker down to your skin (careful not to create any folds of air bubble)
and with a nail file
File away !

it takes only like 2-3 strokes and the sticker can be easily ripped off like so

then give it a good rub
and you'll have something which looks like so

continue on with the rest of your fingers by repeating the same steps
if you crave for super high glossy nails
Finish it off with a coat of top coat polish
to help achieve that professional looking finish

So verdict?
as someone who hardly uses Nail Polishes and a first time user I personally really love the idea of using Nail Patches
~ it's easy to use , almost effortless takes about 12 minutes for 5 fingers
~ for the price I pay ( same as the price we're selling ) is reasonable
~it feels light on my finger , as there isn't that heavy choked up feeling when you apply nail polish
~ Unlike nail polishes , nail patches has no strong chemical smell to it ( i didn't suffocate for the first time)
~ it comes in various designs allowing me to change nail design on a weekly basis
~ I'm one sucker who will scratch my nails? haha now with the Nail Patch no matter how hard i scratch it my 'polish' will not chip off hahaha

You've heard the good side and what about the down side of it?
~ the Nail Patch itself can be a little tricky when you're trying to position it
~ you'll need a hair dryer to make this simple lol ( I didn't believe in hair dryer till i was 23)
~ yes, you have to trim off your nails and cuticles so it'll look profesionally done or else your cuticles will be exposed or worst you'll have small bump over the sticker.
In a nutshell
will I repurchase this?
YES YES YES , I definitely would I want to go hunt for some new cute designs
how do I rate this Nail Patches?
5/5 star ! (highest given so far)
not because we sell them but because I really like the idea of it and how effortless it can get
our Muslim readers can also use it like for a special event and then easily peel it off after so that they can perform Solat (effortless kan?)
Will I recommend other people to use it?
Absolutely ...

(thats my office desk decoration, the Hello Kitty from McD and Thank You card  ... =)  )

Be informed that different brand may suggest a different method of using their nail patches. For me this is the simplest I can get. =)
Until my next post.
Take care girls


  1. how ur colleagues not notice u snapping photos in ur cube eh?

  2. well we called it "doing things with wisdom" hahaha.. meaning we snap it during lunch hour girl. where you are given an hour of free time. and no one else is in the office...