Nails ❤ Sweet pink & flower

I have been quite busy helping my mom preparing for Chinese New Year.
Thanks to Angeline's helps for keep blog updated, I can take some few days off. Haha
Honestly, I haven't touching my nails since 1 week ago for the hygiene purpose, cause I'm been busy in kitchen (?!!)
Not to worry I didn't set fire nor broke anything; I'm just helping out for baking biscuits and cookies. =P

Anywayyy, I have this nails done a week ago and it just come out handy when I out of nails post =P
Here it is =)
I made a half nail french by using pink nail polishes; then put on top coat to smooth the sharp lines of the french and add some flower stickers. I did not put top coat for the finishing because I like different textures look on them ---> Glossy pink base and matte flowers.

I say they are suitable for both CNY and V-day, do you agree with me? 
I hope you like this simple look.
Thanks for reading ^_~

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
May everyone well done, happy and healthy in snake year


  1. I would say they r suitable for both occasions! btw, happy chinese new year! x

    1. Hahha Thanks Sarvin
      Happy cny and holiday to you too!