Nails ❤ Nail decorative accessories

Hi ladies,
I like to share my new baby to you -- ribbon decorative accessories ^_^

I bought this when shopping with Angeline.
There are so many decorative accessories I don't know which to select. I want to buy all of them back *I wish..* but my pocket not allow me to do so.. =(
Anyway, these cute little babies followed me home ❤
Normal light
With flash
Here are some close up~
#1 Small diamond bow
#2 Diamond lining white bow
#3 Diamond ribbon
#4 Vintage polka dots ribbon
#5 Heart locket
Okay.. That's all for today.
I can't wait to try them on my coming nail post ^_^
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do ~

Goodbye from the bear bear
Kiss ❤
Until then,
Stay healthy and confident 


  1. Where did you buy these??Cause it's so cute :3

    1. You can find them in timesquare 1st avenue =D

    2. Ohh,ok,thanks for the info :D But which shop exactly hehe

    3. I x remember their name. i think is Pretty2U. at the middle de

    4. Ok,will check them out next time if i go there :D Oh and how much for these ya ;)