Rimmel Vinyl Max - One Stroke Maxi Shine Lipgloss

Happy new Year Everyone ! 

right now at this very moment
I'm feeling as though
an ant just fell on my head and it's walking around on my healthy scalp.
Gonna go shake it off first... hahaha..
It's a public holiday today and I'm working !!!
Well today I'm gonna post up a swatch
Just because
I seen many people doing it
including my blog partner Leimun
Todays Product
 It's the Rimmel London Vinyl Max- One Stroke Maxi Shine Lipglos
I've been really into Rimmel product lately.
Purchased quite a number of item from them
most of it I'd say gave me a pretty good results and impression.
As for this lipgloss
It's almost like a love hate thing.
The shade I got is in
601 Passion
 Passionate deep sexy red.
 I love red so much that I
 would happily wear it on a daily basis
So here is how the product looked like
1. The cap of the tube has the Rimmel Signature Crown logo
2. A fat lipgloss tube
3. The side profile of the lipgloss wand
4. the front profile of the fat and large lipgloss wand.
The amazing thing about the product is that it's not sheer at all
almost like having a lipstick and a gloss together
Pop your favourite shade in your bag and youre good to go already !

And because it was printed with utmost confidence on the tube which reads 
One Stroke Maxi Shine Lipgloss
I went on ahead feeling excited taking the wand 
right out from the tube and then applying directly on my lips
A large amount of product on my lips 
making it looked as if it's bleeding !
It does however live up to what it promised though
 Vinyl Maxi Shine 
super glossy !
as though I coated my lips with clear jelly
almost edible. lol
you can see how glossy they are in the picture below.
The major downside of it is the wand !
because there is so much product on my lip
the index finger trick is no use.
and can you see what it done to my teeth? 
yes it stained my teeth haha..
Thanks to huge wand. 
worst of all is that it slip into the gap of my teeth
It's so hard to clean it off I have to quickly go brush my teeth.

I however went on ahead wiping ot off then brush clean my teeth
and then re-applying it with a lip brush .
and this is the results.
and I present to you......
not bad huh, natural looking and totally wearable.
it instantly became my new love.

The colour intensity is totally build-able
The colour on the images below may appear to be light but trust me in real life. 
it's almost like apple red. 
glossy and nice 
easily can last up to 4 hours. 
(with eating and minimal drinking)

So how would I rate it?
out of 5 I'd give it a 3.5
just because I love the colour and the price of the product
I don't fancy the fact that the wand is so big which promotes product waste. 
Will I repurchase the item?
Probably yes , Until I find other alternative with similar colour shade payoff
Make do with this post first .. I'll come up with something better soon.
Until then Thanks Leimun for covering for me .. Dont know what will happen without you ... 
Disclaimer: Product shown is purchased by the author herself. All words are based on personal experience and