Nails ❤ Sweet yellow water marble

This is my first ever successful water marble! Yayyy~

I tried water marble so many times but non of them turn out the way I like, failed =(
I get this look by accident *Don't know if this is the correct word. Hmm..*, so there are no step-by-step pictures to show how I do this.
but next time I promise I will take pictures down. =)

Nail polishes used:
From left to right:
Eleanor ENP 007 -- soft nude peach
Elianto S01 -- Bright yellow
ShengJi -- gold shimmer
Etude House Base Coat

Others: water, toothpick, tissue papers, small container/cup, nail polish remover, cotton and Q-tips.

I dropped gold, peach and yellow in sequences and dipped the pattern just at the tips of the nails and whole nail on pinky.
They dried pretty quick in the water. When take out from water, they really look like a mess, but after cleaning it off, they look better.

This is how they look~ 
Look #1
Look #2
Overall, I very happy how they turn out ~
It get my interest already! ^__^

Do you like water mable nails? Any tips to make they look more perfect?
Let us know by comment below~
Thank you!

Until then,


  1. Oooooh this looks so pretty!! :D I would love to see how you did this.

    1. Thanks laura! =D
      When i do this again i tag u along ^^

    2. Hehe, sure thing! Thanks! :)

  2. love it.. the colour is simple and nice . not too choking.. =)