Nails ❤ Quick & least damage way to remove glitter nail polishes

Long title huh?
For the request of LoveBeautySkin on how to remove glitter nail polish for least damage and quick way.
Since I had this Sparkle nails that have lots of glitters, this is most suitable time to do this post! =D
This is what I use:
From left to right:
Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly
Cotton pad
Sally Hensen Nail Polish Remover

Firstly apply vaseline on the cuticles to protect your skin from drying.
Nail polish remover tends to dry our skin, especially those containing acetone.
Cut the cotton pads into small square and dip them in the nail polish remover.
Wrap them on nails. Make sure they are fully covered like this:
I took a picture of this before removing them.
The process really fast like within a minute only. I tried to minimize the time acetone staying on my skin to avoid drying and damage on nail plate and cuticles.
This is how they look like for the after taking out the cotton pad and prior any rubbing action.
Already half gone. =) 
Remember wash hands after remove nail polishes and continue to basic manicure.

I have included a video on removing my pinky but sadly I couldn't upload due to some errors =(

I hope this post are helpful for those have love & hate to glitter nails.
Any comments and thoughts please let us know by comment below of PM us. ^__^

Until then,


  1. Thanks for sharing the tips, I hate removing glittering nail polish >.<

    1. Hahaha try hold remover longer on nails, they will come off easily =)