Nails ❤ Chic Turquoise Reversed French

Hi girls, It's Fridayyy!
Honestly I have a little bit addicted to reversed french on short nails.
Check out my *classic reversed french* ^_~
So.. Yup! NOTD is turquoise reversed french!

Here are the materials used:
From left to right:
Skin Food Nail Vita BL509
Gold Hexagonal glitter pieces
Gold beans

As usual, I put on a basic reversed french with three coats of light turquoise to get the opaque colour and embellished the line with hexagonal glitter pieces and gold beans. 
Check out step-by-step at here.

These are the final look~
Note: While taking the picture of nails I put down the blue curtain, so the colour captured by camera on nails and on bottle are slightly different. =3

What kind of nails look you having now? Do you think about reversed french on short nails? 
Comment below, we'd love to know!

Have a nice weekend! ^_~

Until then,


  1. I like turquoise colour, very intense~

    1. Hahah it is one of my fav colour too.
      It's quite refreshing have this on nails, but it's required 3 coats to get this opaque.

  2. another gorgeous creation! pinned! <3

  3. love this creation ler..but im so lazy to do manicure!

    1. Do it when u free la, or go into salon do. hahahha