Enhancing Photos =)

Leimun is on leave
as she will be sitting for her finals this few weeks
and So !
You're left to be with me heheh
Have you ever wondered and envied
why some of the ladies you see online take such beautiful pictures
and almost at every angle they looked extremely photogenic?
and then you went on ahead deciding that you would
mimic them? haha and you whipped out your phone , DSLR, iPad , iPad mini, digital camera
or anything that could just enable you to take pictures
snapped a couple shots which you think will make you look best 
 and then 
 all you see are just flaws after flaws
over that beautiful face of yours.
Somehow even when it's perfectly alright you'll still be unsatisfied...
and then
you discovered photo editing !
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with editing your pictures.
Just like using cosmetic
Using it doesn't mean that you're ugly and not loving your natural self
You're merely just enhancing the beauty God Blessed you with.
so editing pictures means you're enhancing the picture quality
And if you're like me ! 
a certified slow poke
you'll find it a total pain learning and trying to master the art of 
photo editing using pro photo editor 
like the Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom Pro
so most of the time you'll resort to using good ol'
Photoscape !
which I believe by now you'll be a total laughing stock 
for still using that 
and if you're like me , a Photoscape user
you'll find that there are very limited functions
worst bummer part is when
it  didn't give your photos that WOW ! factor you craved for.
And so I found a very simple method to help us ladies
to not only cut down time but also 
Almost effortless !

I downloaded these apps on my iPad
But I am very sure you can find it on iPhone app as well 
So instead of using the basic pc photo editor 
Try Downloading these instead
you can edit them instantly after snapping the picture and then you can directly upload it online on twitter, facebook or even instagram ! 

where you can easily edit your picture to become 
This !
With just a couple simple steps..

Here's how you do it step by step. 
We start it off with a simple picture which you snapped randomly
here's mine

as you can see flaws after flaws after flaws =)
So We are going to edit this picture..
Not too much but just enough to enhance further the picture. 
First you use PE-Fotolr HD
and start adding pretty batting lashes !
I picked out the most natural ones
Next we change our eye colour !
I picked the brownish tone and then added them into place

We then add on some blush on our face to give us a nice tint of colour

After you have completed the steps and saved it into your local album
You will end up with this as your end product of part one !

From here onward we shall use Photo Wonder editor 
First editing the skin texture and lightening it at the same time so that your discoloration will be balanced off

Then you need to beautify it by cleaning off any blemish you see on your face 

Save the picture into your local album 
and voila! 
Here is the end results. 

It's super quick !
simple !
easy to use !

Here is a before and after photo editing !
collage by photoscape =)

Practically effortless ..
and it at most takes you about 10 minutes?
unless of course if you decided to trial and error with various other feature
You can edit almost everything
our eyebrows
your lip colour
your face shape 
anything you can think of which makes you want to edit .
owh and the whole idea of enhancing is that we do not edit the picture too much so that it still looked natural and would give us the WOW effect which we crave =) 
Have fun trying girls ! 
I hope you like it !


  1. Wow,this app is good,too bad i don't have a smartphone or an iPad to download this app :'(

  2. Its okay not to have a smartphone or tablet or ipad. Last time i don't have them too. You now master the simple pc software available. And then next time when you have access to these apps on your smartphone. Then you'll find it interestingly easy to use :). Need not be upset. I know of a girl still using black and white screen at aged 24 and she is extremely good with pc softwares :)

    1. lol, hey i'm 23 la. when ppl get older will more sensitive to number. =P
      Hey nicole, U can try use meitu photo editor. free download from google. =)

    2. looks more to me like someone is living in denial... =)