Review ❤ Inglot Nail Enamel 985

Hmm, such a pretty colour, Inglot should really name their nail enamels, instead of number.
I will call this as "Do you copy me Soldier?"
What do you think?

Check out this new baby~ Inglot Nail Enamel 985. ^_~
Our star today
Real size of the bottle
This colour is deep rusty green with fine gold shimmer.
The packaging look classy in square bottles, coming with a black box listed the details of the product.
The brush is more tiny and narrow, in compare to other nail polishes.
Smooth application, great formula, no visible nail lines =D

Here is 1 thin coat:
1 coat #1
1 coat #2
The colour shown wasn't exactly same as in bottle.
It's quite thin and sheer. If you into something light yet eye-catching, you're ready to go.
They are very quick drying too, approximately within 3 minutes for single thin coat.

After they dried, I painted them with second coats:
2 coats #1
2 coats #2
2 coats #3
With second coats, the colour more opaque and give strong personalities. Exactly same with the colour showed from bottle =D
Under the sunlight, fine gold shimmer are visible from military forest green, which look pretty amazing for me. 
They so glossy eventhough without the top coat on them.

Reflection of colours in different angles:
Side #1
Side #2
Side #3
Matching up with magazine background:
Good match with nature.

With flash:
The whole look become more stunning with gold reflection towards strong light. 

After removal:
In order to test on the staining effect and polish formula quality, I did not applied base coat prior the application. After 2 days of wearing it, I remove this colour by soaking cotton pad with Sally Hansen Polish Remover, then wrapped on my nails for less than 1 minutes and wipe off. I found it was incredibly easy to remove and leaving no stain to my nails.=D

So that's all for today
Have a nice day ahead!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is a BEAUTIFUL colour indeed! :O In certain lights, there's even a gradient colour effect! :D