Nails ❤ Swirling blue

Hello! Sorry for late update on nail post!
I got caught up by schoolworks.

Let's check out today nails → Swirling blue
I used Elianto Nail Polish and a dotting tool to get this look. 
Here are the babies used: 
From left to right:
Elianto 29 Blue Splash
Elianto 02 Dodger Blue
Elianto 27 Turquoise
Elianto 02 White

After applied base coat, I dropped few drops of nail polishes on nails, then quickly use the sharp end of dotting tool to do swirling.
They look neon-ish after mixed. Surprise me! They look incredibly stand out and stunning! =D

They look so bright and neon with the sunlight, which make my hands look superb fair.
Nearby window during noon #1
Nearby window during noon #2
Close up #1
Close up #2
Without sunlight #1
Without sunlight #2
 Posing ^_~ 
This is very simple nails I wearing.
I hope you like this as much as I do.

Until next time~
Take care and stay health


  1. love them!

    does the polish dry smooth after swirling or do you have to apply a thick topcoat to flatten it out?

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks! =D

      They dried pretty glossy and quick. Approximately 5 to 10 minutes, considering they are quite thick.

      I didn't apply top coat on them =)

  2. Really nice! :D I love the Elianto turquoise shade, and i think it goes really well with the blue colour. :)

    1. Yeah, they have pretty colour and cheap price! =D

  3. Do these all on the nail? I guess a think dollop of nail colour needed?

    1. yip all on nails.
      Notreally need dollop of lacquer on them. Just sufficient amount to mix.
      Hmm, how to put in words.. Like usual drop of nail polishes after swapping the brush around the bottle once, then quickly drop the polish on nails.
      Each nails i put 4 to 5 drops =D