Nails & Lips ❤ Retro match

Hi hi, let's try something different today.
Retro matching lips and nails color. ^_~
Overall look
I saw this from Pinterest and it give me inspiration to try them!
Picture from Pinterest
Picture from Pinterest
Here, I'm matching SilkyGirl 12 Hot Fuschia with Etude House PK012. 
Lippy & Nails
Lips & nails
I used Meitu Photo Editor to change the color to more vintage look. Hehee =3
Trying to do Angelina Jolin lips but failed. Hahha
Apply lipstick. lol
Do you like matching them same color or contrast color?
Share your thought with us!

Until then,
Stay young and pretty!


  1. I think it looks great! :D Both colours look similar, and both are lovely shades of pink ^^

    1. Thanks Laura ^_^
      Falling in love with pink.
      The Etude House pink nail polish so so pretty, you should get one too!
      The lipstick colour abit strong so I only able to get lighter shade by dapping them on. Haha